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Sevco’s “Excellent” Prospects

Good Evening.

It was good to see the struggling Warbolution given a celebrity endorsement today. And not just any celebrity. This was backing from a really hardnosed multi-billionaire who makes His Big Mikeness look like Father Christmas. A man who can make or break (but most probably break…) people with a sneer of disapproval or the releasing of dogs. A man for whom money is no object,  and who certainly wasn’t born in Motherwell. A man who could be an absolute godsend to Sevco:

Burns: Rangers’ performance at Pittodrie shows they WILL finish above Aberdeen in second


Yes, Montgomery Burns from ‘The Simpsons’ popped up in the Daily Record today and backed Sevco to finish above Aberdeen in the Premiership. On the… errr… basis of their defeat to the Dons on Sunday.

Burns: “Having witnessed the full 90 minutes at Pittodrie, I also think that Rangers will finish above Aberdeen at the end of the season if they play as they did against them on Sunday for the rest of the season.”

“But, although disappointed to lose, I’m sure Mark Warburton would have gone back down the road with David Weir on Sunday and thought, ‘We are not far away’.We’re talking about a rebuilding job here.”

Yes. That makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

There’s nothing like getting zero points after a poor start to the season, languishing in seventh place and having a  grim goal difference to suggest: ‘Yes! The lads are on a roll! Second place here we come!’

Burns’ comments were of course perfect fodder for beleaguered Sevco fans who want to hear that things will be OK. And they were padded out with remarks about how the top flight is tougher than he thought, how Celtic are well ahead having “burst the bank” [No, I don’t really remember that either…], and how it will take time to close the gap.

The fact that these remarks appeared in a newspaper which was until recently carrying upbeat articles about there being little distance between Sevco and Celtic is particularly entertaining. 

Barry Ferguson: Celtic signing Moussa Dembele doesn’t worry me because Rangers are building a great squad

“But my message to Rangers fans is not to be worried as Mark Warburton has also added key ingredients to his team.

Celtic are favourites to win a sixth title in a row but I don’t think there is much of a gap between the two.”

“But Warburton has got a good mixture and I’m convinced Rangers can be serious challengers for the Scottish Premiership title.”

“I look at the two squads and believe the Ibrox boss has enough at his disposal to take them all the way – and don’t forget Hearts and Aberdeen either.”

Oh dear!

Still, at least Sevco can now boast about having the backing of mega-rich Mr Burns. No doubt we shall soon hear tales of him ‘over-investing’ and being a lifelong fan of Rangers*… And of him ‘releasing hounds’ on the enemies of the club…

Oh, hang on a moment…

I have just been advised that the upbeat Burns in question ISN’T the world-famous cartoon industrialist!

The Daily Record piece was about comments made by Hugh Burns. 

No, I haven’t heard of him either…

My apologies to all concerned. However, to be fair, at least I mixed up Mr Burns with another entirely fictional character rather than an ex-Rangers player… 😉