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A Statement Of Opinion 

Good Evening. 

It has been a tough day for Film Trailer Voiceover Man, who took delivery of another script from the Evening Shark-Jump this morning and wondered whether he’d be better off taking up a different career. 😉

Club 1872 is a chance Rangers fans can’t afford to miss at Ibrox

The typically ‘rousing’ introduction opened a piece which seemed less like an opinion and more like a statement on behalf of Club 1872. Club 1872 is a new combined Sevco fans’ organisation which will reduce the number of fan bodies to fewer than 5,000, and which will collect contributions to buy shares in RIFC and possibly support a variety of projects. What’s more, it will be completely independent of the ‘club’.

Here is the introduction to the piece:

“THEY went from the stands to the streets and had their say. Now Rangers fans can make their voice heard at Ibrox and beyond.

The Light Blues support is vast in numbers and diverse in opinions. Consensus is not easily reached amongst any support on any issue and those that follow the Gers have had more reasons than most to be split over the years.

When it mattered, though, they came together as a collective force. Some, of course, did more than others but where a handful lead hundreds and then thousands followed.

Now, they have a chance to unite once again for the good of each other and Rangers. After four nightmare years, the dream could become a reality at Ibrox.”

How The Clumpany laughed at the assertion that “when it mattered, though, they came together as a collective force”. The piece doesn’t clarify whether it is referring to the infamous ‘show liquidation the red card’ demonstration, or that unforgettable collective ‘standing idly by while our club dies’ initiative. 

And as for the mention of “four nightmare years”, I can only assume that the ESJ is NOT referring to the harrowing experiences of the stiffed creditors of the ‘same club’. Because they are never mentioned these days…

We then come to the section which most seems to resemble an infomercial:

“The formation of Club 1872 has brought together several fan groups, including the Rangers Supporters Trust and Rangers First, and given punters a single body to invest their money in and provide their backing to.

It is an organisation that has been required for some time, and one that has come about as the majority have put their allegiances to the RST or RF to one side. The small number that haven’t could now, for some reason, decide to watch on from afar.

Voting for the inaugural board opened on Thursday and the seven person top table will be announced a week today. The workload has been significant but, for those that gave up their time and put in the hours, the rewards will be worth it.”

Note the somewhat dismissive remark about those who don’t fancy joining the Club 1872 party, and who have “for some reason, decided to watch on from afar.”

Miaow! Damn those free-spirited People!

On we go…

“Yet more will have to be done to mobilise a greater percentage of a support that could easily become dormant as they witness the progress that has been made on and off the park in recent months. The fear is that fans will drift away and focus only on the football when they see that their club is no longer in danger.”

The Clumpany LOVES the suggestion that Sevco fans might become complacent because of the glorious progress which is being made on and off the pitch! Sevco are currently seventh in the league, having won two games from seven so far. They are partially reliant on loans to operate and are locked in dispute with various commercial partners. Somehow I don’t think that this counts as the sort of serene vista which is likely to make folk apathetic!

“Rallying to a cause is one thing, but retaining an interest in the financial figures, Stock Exchange announcements and boardroom politics is quite another.”

What Stock Exchange announcements?! Perhaps the fine members of Club 1872 might like to have a game of ‘Find the Nomad’ at their Christmas party?

“It is only due to the events of the last few years that fan ownership has become a hot topic amongst the Light Blue legions. Even now it appears that it is not a realistic proposition.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Supporters should always be at the heart of their clubs, yet that does not mean that they are not the best people to run them.

All fans should have their views aired, shared and heard, though, and the power of a collective voice can be substantial at Ibrox and further afield.

The boardroom change of March 2014 would never have been possible without the money from Dave King and the Three Bears but the fans played their own part in ousting a reviled regime from office.

Club 1872 currently own a 6% stake in RIFC plc and have set a target of 25% plus one share to give them a level of influence that they have never had at Ibrox. After seeing Murray, Whyte and Green and Co. come and go, Rangers fans finally have an opportunity to become key players at Ibrox.

Money that is not spent on shares will be used for projects to enhance the match day experience and could become vital to the continued rebuilding job, while Club 1872 have already shown their willingness to stand up for their fellow fan when necessary.”

“Could become vital to the continued rebuilding job” is a curious phrase in the context of the RIFC Chairman’s previous comments about ‘over-investing’, doing whatever it takes, and spending his children’s inheritance. And if the text about ‘standing up for fellow fans’ is a reference to the issuing of complaining statements, then I think it represents one of the most lame boasts of the decade.

“The aim is to build a working relationship with the Ibrox hierarchy but its independence can never be in doubt. There will be no representative on the Gers board but the fans can now have their say at their club.”

So let me get this straight… There will be no Club 1872 representative on the board of the ‘club’, but fans will be able to have their say via a developing working relationship. Hmmm, well I’m convinced. 

It is also stated that Club 1872 will be fiercely independent of the Sevco board. I am absolutely sure that this will be the case. However, depending upon the outcome of the elections to the Club 1872 board, it will be important for the appearance of independence to be maintained. 


Well, the Club 1872 board candidates include (according to the Daily Record):

“Current Rangers* company secretary and Rangers First director James Blair… backed by Gers legend Richard Gough.” 


“Alex Wilson, a former requisitioner with current Gers director Paul Murray.”

The Clumpany looks forward to hearing about the outcome of the elections and the progress of the epic journey upon which Club 1872 is about to embark. I am sure the Evening Shark-Jump will be the first to bring us the glorious tidings!