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Statement On Recent Events

Good Evening.

The Clumpany has issued the following statement:

“The Clumpany is fully aware of the disgust felt by Celtic supporters who were subjected to a sickening and shameful display of attacking football brilliance and goal-scoring hatred towards them tonight. 

The Clumpany also shares the fans’ anger about defensive lapses and will be contacting the Dorus De Vries as a matter of urgency.

Statement Ends.

PS It wasn’t a 7-0 game. It was a DRAW or my name’s St Warbo of City Traderville. There was no gulf in class. Only goals. If everything had gone differently, it wouldn’t have ended in the same way. To suggest otherwise is mischievous and poisonous.

PPS I am thinking of decorating The Clumpany bathrooms. If any Celtic fans wish to do ‘community work’ trashing them ahead of renovation, please be sure to pop round about 10 minutes before the end of the next game.”


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