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Drivel, Dribble And Wibble

Good Afternoon.





It’s the ‘Old Firm’ again!


See how it shines!

Marvel at how we can all bask in the glory of the most exciting thing we have ever seen!

It’s like being back in Victorian Britain and the Golden Age of the Freak Show. ONLY BETTER!

Can you feel the excitement crackling in the air? It’s like a giant crackling exciting thing!

Are you ready to cover yourself in the soothing balm of ‘Oil of Old Firm’? It will be like having a rub-down with greased-up EBT paperwork. Hmmmm lovely!

League football in Scotland is BACK! After four years in the wilderness it finally matters once again!

So lets ignore that distracting pish about sectarian singing, the LNS farce, the Offshore Game Report, the UEFA ‘same club/company’ letter, 276 stiffed creditors, EBTs and side-letters.
In fact, stop caring about whether Scotland’s national game is actually a sport. 

Because the pretence of an ‘Old Firm’ is the only show in town! Happy days are here again!


There, The Clumpany may have just saved you the trouble of reading these two pieces from the Sunday Fail and Evening Shark-Jump:

Rangers* Scottish Cup semi-final win over Celtic might be the worst thing that could have happened to them

There is nothing like the Old Firm derby so Scottish football should savour it’s return on Saturday

I hope you don’t feel like you are being taken for a ride…


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