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Jibe Talkin’

Good Evening. 

Oh dear. Oh dear me…

So the Aberdeen FC website currently shows no prior meetings between Aberdeen and the side currently masquerading as the late Rangers Football Club.

And nor should it. Aberdeen say that the relevant data on the site hasn’t been updated since 2014 (owing to no fixtures between the Dons and ‘a’ Rangers since then), and I wouldn’t be surprised if some data appears in the not-too-distant future. However, for now let us applaud the fact that the Aberdeen are being entirely accurate about their relationship with Sevco: they have never played each other. 

Liquidation is ultimately a terminal event. If someone creates a ‘Rangers’-themed entity out of the dismembered parts of a dead football club, it might look like Rangers, and might call itself ‘Rangers’, but it’s as much like Rangers in reality as I am the Teetotaller of the Year.

We all know the truth about insolvency law and the implications of UEFA’s Article 12 – which was recently confirmed in a spectacularly-ignored letter from European football’s governing body. But it is a truth which simply dare not speak its name in our newspapers and broadcast media.

Which is why it seems so extraordinary to see Aberdeen’s website pointing out that Sevco is a new club. And why the Pavlovian response of media outlets (who seem strangely compelled to comment while at the same time ignoring the UEFA letter and Offshore Game report) is to portray it as ‘mischief-making’ or a jibe.

The ‘Rangers’ narrative has become so warped in relation to a very simple fact that uttering the truth is now routinely portrayed as a perverse act. I don’t much care whether the folk peddling the survival lie are following editorial policy, expressing a genuine (if unfathomable belief) or simply scared of the consequences of pointing out that Rangers are no more. 

The fact that they peddle this pish day-in and day-out and portray it as a perfectly reasonable part of the discussion of Scottish football is a disgrace. The fact that they seemingly have no regard for what it means for our game as an actual sport or how much it insults 276 creditors is utterly pitiful. It embarrasses the country, our game and the credibility of journalism as a profession.

I can’t help but wonder whether the folk perpetuating this intelligence-insulting lie punch the air with delight every night at having got through another day telling readers, viewers and listeners that their eyes and ears deceived them in 2012. It is utterly risible. And all done so as not to rock the boat in relation to one football ‘club’!

What price the truth and being able to look yourself in the mirror?

Not very much it seems.


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