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We Don’t Need No Stinking Trophies

Good Evening.

Minor but rewarding chuckles were to be found in the Evening Shark-Jump today, courtesy of this piece:

Graeme Murty: Rangers’ focus will be on progression rather than points at youth level

Yes that’s right, the new Sevco U-20s boss believes that his players gaining experience is more important than the results they achieve. And there was me thinking that football is a results-oriented game and that the ability to find a way to win and keep on winning is a highly-prized commodity. 

What’s more, I am sure I have previously read and heard vast quantities of Sevco reportage about how Ibrox clubs never settle for second best. It is all about winning winning winning, and welcoming Lorraine Chase. Or something…

Lorraine always receives a warm welcome at Ibrox

I wondered whether I had misunderstood Mr Murty’s argument. So The Clumpany did some digging, and it appears that The Warbmeister may have some sympathy with him:

Curiously enough, however, I struggled to find evidence of other ‘clubs’ openly expressing similar sentiments about Scotland’s U-20/ Development League set-up.

It is to be hoped that Sevco U-20s’ rivals don’t have a similar attitude otherwise our domestic youth games could end up being embarrassing exercises in folk milling about the pitch unconcerned about whether they win or not. What a spectacle that would be! In fact, The Clumpany can’t help but call to mind the famous Monty Python ‘Philosophers’ Football’ sketch. 

I am sure that Joey Barton would want to appear in a Philosophers’ XI. However, I fear he would ultimately fail to impress despite his pretentions. Which would be rather like his performances for Sevco to date… 

A sceptic might speculate that Sevco downplaying the importance of youth team success might be an exercise in ‘getting your excuses in early’, or indeed ‘addressing a troubling reality’. I couldn’t possibly comment on that. However, I will observe a couple of interesting facts:

Here is last season’s final Development League table:

And here is the Sevco U-20 result in the Second Round of this season’s Challenge Cup:

Hmmm. Far be it from me to suggest that there might be a very real character-building challenge for Sevco’s youngsters in trying to improve their overall performance against their more immediate domestic peers…

NB as you may have guessed, this blog is titled in tribute to one of the many great films in which the fantastic Gene Wilder started. RIP Mr Wilder.