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Tumbleweed And STV

Good Evening. 

The Clumpany has just been reminiscing. 

Having gone through the usual motions of remembering when there used to be a Rangers and an unquestioning cheerleading media, I reflected upon whether STV was now willing to pursue issues relating to Celtic shareholders’ Resolution 12. During the course of my deliberations I quickly called this recent STV article to mind:

UEFA won’t investigate ‘Resolution 12’ Rangers Euro licence claims

Here are some quotes from the piece:

“UEFA will not investigate allegations that Rangers were incorrectly awarded a licence to play in European competition in the 2011/12 season.

A statement to STV draws a line under the matter from the governing body’s point of view, saying Rangers’ three-year exclusion from playing in Europe after going into liquidation was the major factor in a case not being pursued.

A group of Celtic shareholders have actively campaigned for a review of the decision for several years and recently contacted the governing body for clarification as part of an ongoing campaign referred to as Resolution 12.”

“A UEFA spokesperson told STV: ‘As a consequence of decisions taken against Rangers FC in 2012 as well as the administration of the club and the events and measures that followed (including the club being ineligible to apply for a licence to participate in UEFA competitions for three seasons), there is no need for UEFA to investigate this matter any further since the club was not granted a licence to participate in the 2012/13 UEFA club competitions, the club entered the fourth tier of Scottish football and it was not able to play in UEFA competitions for the next three years in any event.’

STV asked the governing body for further clarification on whether an investigation took place, and on whether they were satisfied the correct procedure was followed. UEFA replied that they had no further comment to make.”

“Draws a line under the matter…”

Hmm… STV appear not to have asked UEFA whether there were any questions for the SFA (upon whom clubs still depend when seeking a UEFA licence) to answer. 

That seems to be an unfortunate oversight. However, it is as nothing compared to STV apparently overlooking a certain recent letter from UEFA to the Celtic requisitioners (copied to the SFA and Celtic). A letter which expands upon the above-mentioned UEFA spokesperson’s comments.

It seems that that new UEFA correspondence clearly refers to Sevco as a “new club/company”. Which is momentous news! The ‘same club’ status of Sevco-masquerading-as-Rangers* in Scottish football has repeatedly been a massive point of contention since 2012, even though anyone who possesses a brain, a rudimentary knowledge of insolvency law, and an awareness of UEFA regulations knows that liquidation means death for a football club…

The matter is clearly of huge public interest. Unless you choose to ignore it. And (sadly) it appears that STV and others would rather ignore it. 

Let’s be kind. Perhaps the carrier pigeon hasn’t reached STV towers in recent days? Or perhaps they have heard about the UEFA letter, know it to be untrue and are preparing to confirm that fact to their viewers and readers?

Whatever the case, I am sure that having gone to the earlier trouble of soliciting a view from UEFA, STV will not ignore any subsequent views from European football’s governing body. Even if they raise some uncomfortable issues for a press pack who would rather assert that Rangers are still with us…


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