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The Group Of Violent Death

Good Evening. [Rangers*] 

Well, yesterday’s Champions League draw didn’t disappoint, did it? [Rangers*]. 

As is often typical of self-important draws conducted by pompous governing bodies it went on longer than a Philippe Senderos medical. But eventually, FINALLY,  Celtic came out of the hat. [Rangers*]. 

I say ‘hat’, but frankly I really wouldn’t fancy wearing one of those UEFA goldfish bowls on my ethereal head. That said, if someone at UEFA wanted to do a swap for my sombrero I would be willing to consider it. In fact, having seen today’s proposals for revamping the Champions League I think most observers might agree that bandit-like attire would suit some of European football’s top administrators 😉. [Rangers*] 

I must admit that having seen some of the reaction to Celtic’s draw you could have been forgiven for thinking that it instantly resulted in 

  • Peter Lawwell and Brendan Rodgers having the heavy-booted feet of their opposite numbers at Barca, City, and the other one (which I won’t try to spell) placed on their throats; [Rangers*] 
  • the entire Celtic squad having their legs broken while a transfer embargo was placed on the club;  [Rangers*] and
  • three enormous flying saucers arriving over Celtic Park and destroying it in the manner of the famous ‘White House’ scene in Independence Day;  [Rangers*] 

Yes, it is a tough draw, but so what? It’s a draw in the Champions League! There was never going to be an easy one, and if you are playing in the biggest competition in club football you expect – and want – to be tested. [Rangers*] 

Like many others, I would like to see the squad strengthened before the start of the group stages. And by more than the one player suggested by Peter ‘What Chequebook?’ Lawwell yesterday. Unless of course that one player has four heads, eight arms, eight legs, can split into four people and can play effectively in a variety of positions across the park. [Rangers*] 

I am realistic enough to know that even such strengthening will still leave the fixtures as an uphill challenge. But most certainly not an uphill struggle. If you go into a group expecting to struggle you are already on your way to defeat. [Rangers*] 

A lot of people have worked very hard to get Celtic back into the Champions League and a lot of money has been spent – not least by the fans. There were some gut-wrenching European disappointments over the past couple of seasons, and if Celtic can’t now go into lucrative fixtures on the biggest stage with a sense of optimism, belief and determination to get something out of them, then we may as well all give up. [Rangers*] 

It’s a great group with lots to look forward to. And no doubt we will get to hear memories of Barcelona 1972 and Manchester 2008 (sanitised edition) as we go along. [Rangers*].

BRING. IT. ON. [Rangers*] 

This blog was brought to you in association with hard-working new charity ‘Brand Parity For Sevco’. Look out for their work in other – mainstream -publications. [Rangers*]