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Missing: Presumed Irrelevant

Good Evening.

I wrote this morning about a marked difference in tone and quality between the respective coverage of Scottish Football by BT Sport and Sky Sports:


On the back of BT’s presentation of last night’s Celtic-Motherwell tie and draw for the next round of the Scottish League Cup I made the point that – by comparison – Sky increasingly resembled an Old-Firm-A-Thon, with all the other clubs merely bit-part players or an unwelcome distraction from the main event. 

And lo and behold what did Sky do? They  helped to illustrate my point with this tweet:

To be fair to Sky they did eventually also tweet the following. Several hours later:

But the suggestion from the initial tweet was that the most newsworthy thing about the League Cup draw was something which DIDN’T happen…

Even the embedded report itself was couched in pretend ‘Old Firm’ cliche:

BetFred Cup: Home Ties For Old Firm*

Dear me! What about the other teams still in the competition?! Why not just report the draw on its own merits?

Sky Sports and Sky News are no strangers to the art of making much of the trivial, but this takes ‘non-news’ to a whole new level.

Whatever next?

Serena Williams avoids Olympic showdown with Andy Murray with early exit from women’s tournament?

Twin sisters disappointed when Peter Parker turns up for double-date without Spider-Man?

Lewis Hamilton wins F1 Championship without driving a double-decker bus?

Coronation Street isn’t on Thunderbirds’ Tracy Island?

Donald Trump unfancied to become Prime Minister of Canada?

“We won’t be using cuboid balls this season” says EPL spokesman.

Bruce Banner ‘not likeable when angry’?

All of the above seem more likely to be reported than Sky’s unadulterated enthusiasm for Scottish football based purely on its many positive attributes. Which is a shame. 

Then again, without Sky’s unique brand of ‘Old Firm’ condescension we wouldn’t get glorious tidings such as this:


I wonder if Waghorn will bring his legendary pen with him? I hear it’s so good, and his level of fame so incredible that he asks for his own autograph on a daily basis.


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