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The Freak Show

Good Evening.

It’s the big SPFL Kick Off tomorrow. I am really looking forward to the season, and especially to seeing what Brendan Rodgers achieves with the Celtic team.

But let us spare a thought for Hamilton Accies. The weight of an entirely made-up history will be against them as they rock up to the Crumbledome to be the sacrificial lambs in a media wet dream where Sevco sweep all before them and everyone gets to pretend that nothing really changed at Ibrox since Sir David Murray was in his apparent pomp.

Tomorrow’s opening Premiership fixture has ‘freak show’ written all over it what with its “Going for 55” card display and the utterly misplaced drooling media attention. 

Those of us who possess a basic level of sentience and can understand the thrust of both insolvency law and UEFA Regulations know full well that the team running out against Hamilton tomorrow cannot possibly be the Rangers that played in the Scottish top flight until 2012. We also know that to suggest otherwise is a brazen lie that ought to shame its perpetrators.  

Nevertheless, anyone who chooses to articulate this simple truth is viewed by the commentariat as some sort of misguided vindictive idiot! We – so the imposed narrative goes – are the ones who don’t understand the realities of Scottish football. 

It’s hilarious and tragic in equal measure! If the papers, TV and radio were reporting about this kind of thing happening in North Korea it would be explained with a mixture of pity and mirth. It would be considered absolutely bonkers and indeed sinister that ordinary people could be told such an obvious untruth in the expectation that it would be happily swallowed by a grateful population.

In a parallel universe the TV introduction to tomorrow’s Sevco-Hamilton fixture would go something like this:

“It may be a new Rangers but they mean business and they are now gunning for the Premiership title. Today’s opener in front of a massive following is against Hamilton. It should provide a great test of how this Rangers side are shaping up as they prepart for the upcoming derby against Celtic, which will be a great occasion watched around the globe”.

Viewers in that parallel universe would get to hear both the truth, and all the Rangers-Celtic hype the broadcaster could throw at them. But absolutely no one’s intelligence would have been insulted.

The fact that our media and football authorities can’t bring themselves to adopt this sort of attitude is embarrassing. Somewhere deep inside their insecure and feeble minds something tells them that they MUST say it is the ‘same’ Rangers with all those trophies that ‘they’ won over the course of 140 years.

We could easily have just as exciting and competitive a sport without these systematic and gutless lies. But no. It has apparently been decided that some sort of baseless superiority complex must be pandered to. And this suggests a very warped sense of priorities on the part of everyone involved. 

We can only hope that one day they might decide to try and enjoy football for football’s sake…

Just like the rest of us.