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‘A’ Rangers

Broxi shows solidarity with Sevco by performing as a tribute act

Good Evening.

Those of you who love a good Twitter ‘stramash’ will have enjoyed the various exchanges with Grant Russell of STV over the past 24 hours. They centred on the content of a Sevco profile piece, which formed part of a rather enjoyable series of films about the 12 Premiership clubs ahead of the new season.

I wrote about the [*cough*] revisionist content of the Sevco video this morning, and you can find that blog by clicking here:

“You Will Forget Everything You Saw”

I have said my peace on the matter and am not going to go into the detail of the Twitter arguments. However, I have a lot of sympathy with the folk who object to incorrect ‘same club’ assertions being broadcast without any alternative perspectives being offered. The demise of Rangers was after all a huge event for Scottish football, media and – dare I say it – society (I am sure you remember the talk of “social unrest”). 

Rangers’ demise has continuing ramifications and I find it difficult to believe that no one at STV knew the likely reaction when unchallenged, context-free Rangers ‘continuity’ wibblery was broadcast on its website.

People care about this stuff because it’s important, and things which are important are newsworthy. So no one should be surprised if there is a ‘lively’ reaction to a news media outlet carrying a partial perspective on an hugely significant issue. And – like it or not – that lively reaction deserves to be heard, acknowledged as valid, and given a platform to respond.

STV compounded the folly of parts of their Sevco video by carrying further comments from John ‘Is He Really Still Getting A Media Gig?’ Brown earlier today.

John Brown: Scottish champions will be true champions this season

The noted deed-seeker suggested that the Premiership title isn’t worth as much unless Rangers* are in the top flight. In saying this, Brown ignores the fact that Sevco weren’t good enough to get promoted two seasons ago, and overlooks the fact that the ‘worth’ conveyed on the top flight by the late Rangers FC was latterly underpinned by rule-breaking and financial doping. 

Did STV offer any context, commentary or challenge to his remarks? No.

Should they have? Ideally they should. Obviously, I can appreciate that alternative perspectives can’t be offered every single time a broadcaster features someone’s opinion. But you can only really forgive the omission on this and other occasions if there was some sort of ongoing counterbalance to the ‘continuity’ crap and ‘needing a strong Rangers’ rubbish we see peddled on a daily basis.

But there isn’t. The view based on the law of the land and UEFA’s clear definition of a football ‘club’ may as well not exist as far as the MSM’s coverage of the various Ibrox clubs are concerned. Which is utterly extraordinary!

Who knows, perhaps the arguments of the past couple of days will cause STV and others to reflect on the tone of their Sevco coverage. And maybe my unicorn will win next year’s Grand National.

Finally, I can’t sign off without commenting on my favourite tweet of the day. Here it is:

A Rangers”. 


If ever there was a telling remark about this denial-based saga, this is it!

It immediately begged the question of whether being ‘a‘ Rangers automatically confers 54 Scottish league championships and numerous other trophies on the bearer of the title.

And apparently it does! I hear that QPR are currently rewriting their history books to take account of the Scottish trophies and Cup Winners Cup they never realised they had won.

The ‘Power Rangers’ cartoon is being rebooted and will form an integral part of Sportscene and every singe Clyde SSB phone-in. Hugh Keevins is already predicting that they will run Brendan Rodgers out of town.

The National Trust for Scotland is now facing a financial crisis as its Countryside Rangers suddenly claim 144 years of unbroken history and a hitherto-unknown massive pension entitlement.

And the Texas Rangers baseball team are now planning to launch an MLS franchise having unexpectedly discovered that they are the “world’s most successful football club”.

Part of me wonders whether these entities are at risk of being exposed as ‘counterfeit’ Rangers by the Scottish sports media.

But since when has the presence of a fake Rangers ever bothered them?


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