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Pity Poor Sevco


Good Evening.

Earlier today The Clumpany experienced a new sensation.

I felt pity.

Complete and utter ethereal pity. For Sevco and some of its fans. We have all enjoyed a good chuckle from time to time at their self-inflicted humiliations, and we have roundly mocked their repeated snarling at the world, but today felt a little bit different.


Because I saw this:

Rangers plan ‘going for 55’ card display for season opener


If the word ‘riddy’ didn’t already exist it would certainly have sprung into being this afternoon. Because the prospect of a stand-full of Sevco fans – with the blessing of their ‘club’, engine room subsidiary and holding company – holding up cards claiming that their tantrum-inclined toddler of a footballing outfit is going for its 55th league title is quite simply a national embarrassment.

At some level you have to applaud the effort involved in producing a display almost as big as the lie it seeks to perpetuate. But seriously… what an utter cheek! And it is all the more humiliating to Scotland because no one in the football authorities, government or media will dare to call out the liquidation lie despite the gross affront it presents to 276 creditors, including every single user of public services in the country! What a truly warped society we live in where such manifest untruths can be proclaimed yet again without anyone in a position of influence choosing to bat an eyelid!

Of course, all is not lost because there are SOME rational people out there who refuse to swallow a handed-down narrative of lies and misrepresentation about a mere football club. We sometimes get portrayed as the crazy ones, but we would rather have our own ‘wacky’ ideas about how our national game should be an actual sport than pander to a comforting lie and accept the distortions of those who would probably happily whisk us back to the Sir David Murray years at the drop of a borrowed tenner.

But I digress… Some wags have suggested that the “Going for 55” slogan actually refers to

  • the imminent number of months since Sevco’s creation;
  • the total likely number of pound coins in Dave King’s war chest;
  • a favourite item on the menu of the local takeaway; or
  • the number of new Sevco kits that might be sold now that Puma have insisted that they go on sale.

However, we all know what the slogan is getting at. The suggestion is that Sevco has somehow appropriated the history of dead Rangers and wants to add to its haul of 54 titles – including the ones won in an era of financial doping and large-scale rule breaking. What an ambition to have, eh?

It is here that my sense of pity comes in. Going to the trouble of creating and repeating the “Going for 55” mantra betrays a deep insecurity. An insecurity which is likely driven by their absolutely certain knowledge of the death of Rangers and the modest efforts that were made to save it by those who purport to love it most.

Going to the trouble of creating a huge card display to try and fool themselves that the undeniable truth didn’t happen suggests that Rangers’ demise and the loss of a reason to feel superior to others absolutely carves out their soul and gives them sleepless nights.

How could you not feel some sort of pity for folk in that position?

It would be a wonderful irony if the red-coloured parts of the “Going for 55” display used cards left over from the legendary truth-recognising “Show Liquidation The Red Card” protests of 2012. Further hilarity could be had if the white cards in the display are made from unpaid bills from the 276 creditors of the ‘same club’. And as for the blue cards, I hope they consist of ordinary cardboard with scraps of old Rangers kits stuck to them. At least that way a little bit of the real Rangers (RIP) will be present at Ibrox for the season-opening fixture…




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