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Whatever Happened To The Rest Of Scottish Football?

Good Evening.

The Clumpany still hasn’t got over the recent Robin van Persie transfer ‘drama’. 

It comes to something when the manager  of one or other of the Ibrox clubs (and therefore no stranger to the media overhyping and over-polishing turds) almost laughs at a member of the press pack over a manifestly ridiculous line of questioning.

Take a look at this clip from PA Sport, wherein Warbo gives the impression that he’s suddenly found himself on another planet. And I don’t mean Sevconia.

Video: The Warbmeister can’t quite believe this nonsense

It’s quite something. But for me the most remarkable thing is the apparent determination of the intrepid journalist to get an upbeat angle on the wibblery. Here is the question he asks about the RVP ‘link’ with Sevco:

“Look at the positives. Does it maybe show… I know it might be nonsense but… Rangers being back in the league, does it show that there is an attraction, people will start linking players here and there?”

To his credit, the Warbly One doesn’t play the game on this occasion… But I am sure there will be another opportunity to do so before very long.

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t the only bit of silly Sevco upbeatery which caught my attention today.

The Stuck Record carried this piece:

Yes. They invited a number of folk – including their self-proclaimed ‘top team’ – to pick a Glasgow XI made up of Celtic and Sevco players. Including Sevco players who are still being rebuilt like the Six Million Dollar Man following the attacks at Hampden at the end of the Scottish Cup final.

The Record deemed this Combined XI to be a worthwhile exercise even though

  • there are other senior sides in Glasgow (no really, there are) who didn’t even get a look-in;
  • there is no history of rivalry between the two teams, one of which was founded in 1888 and the other in 2012; 
  • they have never played in the same division as each other; 
  • most of the Sevco ‘stars’ have not previously been tested in the top flight let alone in Europe, making like-for-like comparisons a pretty futile task; and
  • it might be more worthwhile to produce a combined XI for Celtic and Aberdeen who have been battling it out at the top of the league in recent seasons.

But no. The Stuck Record opted to go for something based around the tired old cliche that Scottish football is Celtic v one Ibrox-based club or another. 

I wrote about this recently following Keith Jackson’s remark that the game needs this rivalry and that “it sells” newspapers. I stand by my point that this sort of perspective is rather insulting to the rest of Scottish football as well as being completely unimaginative.

I get the impression from pieces such as this (and many others) that the old sports media autopilot has been fired up and all concerned are breathing a sigh of relief that things are now ‘back’ to how they ‘should’ be. I wouldn’t be surprised if some are half-hoping to be invited for a lamb dinner with Sir David Murray, following which they can churn out tales of global conquest being launched from Ibrox amid a blizzard of cash.

A more interesting ‘combined line up’ might have been the ‘Glasgow Clubs Unpaid Creditors Team’. I predict that the ‘same club’ Sevco would provide 276 of its members while the other teams… well, you get the idea. But somehow I don’t think that the Stuck Record would ever run with such an item.

The Record could also have run a feature on the ‘Glasgow Clubs’ Combined Major Trophy Cabinet’. Entry should only be open to the living, but I think the pictures of the Big Cup and Celtic’s domestic trophies would look lovely alongside Queen’s Park’s Scottish Cups and Partick Thistle’s single Cup and League Cup. I suppose Sevco could be allowed to show their Scottish Cup ‘We Tried’ medals and their Petrofac Cup from 2016 just so that they don’t feel left out or dehumanised in any way… 😉

However, I have a feeling that the Record wouldn’t want to run this feature either. Because as we see time and time again, the exploits of teams outside the fake ‘Old Firm’ rivalry don’t seem to count for very much in our media. And now that Sevco have spent/played their way into the top flight I fear that this skewed perspective of our national game is only going to get worse.

So farewell Aberdeen, Hearts, ICT, Motherwell, Dundee etc. Let us know how you get on. But preferably via your own websites… The papers, TV and radio have real Scottish football to report on now… 😉


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