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In Memoriam

Good Morning.

There is an air of sadness in Clumpany Towers today at the unexpected departure of an old friend. It is never nice to have to say goodbye, but sometimes you just have to take loss on the chin, remember the good times, and move on.

I’ll always remember the laughs I had with my close associate over a few Buckie and Bleach cocktails, and the toasts we raised to ‘staying the course’ when others had fallen by the wayside.

Through thick and thin we stood tall together. There were some tough times when we got stick and were accused of being ‘haters’ and ‘liars’, but we never faltered, never wavered and never EVER surrendered.

Until last night, when it all came to the saddest of ends. I won’t deny that I was almost moved to tears. But having taken some time to reflect I have decided to pull myself together and have resolved to carry on.

However, before doing this, can I invite you all to join me in a minute’s silence? And as we pause in reflection, can I ask you to think about the many others who have also fallen by the wayside?

Farewell Herald journalist Scott Mullen’s ‘Sevco’ Tweet: posted 7 August 2012, deleted 25 July 2016. 

We will never see it live on social media again, but at least we will always have the screengrab.

Thank you. 

May the spirit of truth be with you as you go about your Clumping day.


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