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The Lie-cence Fee

Good Evening.

The Clumpany found itself joining an almost angelic chorus of righteous guffawing from right across the Scottish football fraternity earlier today.

It was in response to this gutless offering from the state broadcaster which UK citizens have to fund on pain of prosecution:

Rangers fans angry after Siri says club is four years old

The Clumpany has no idea who ‘Siri’ is, but I wish her well in all her endeavours. I certainly can’t take issue with her flawless logic that the entity currently masquerading as ‘Rangers’ is only four years old. 

Personally, I would have chosen an earlier start-date for the beginning of Sevco’s history than the RIFC IPO. However, at the end of the day, Rangers’ dismembered assets were reconfigured by Sevco Scotland during 2012, so Sister Siri’s ‘four years old’ formulation is more than adequate.

In principle, I have no issue with Rangers fans being angry as described in the article. I have long understood their grief at their club dying while they stood idly by. What’s more, I think there is a certain poetic charm to seeing folk impotently howling at the grotesque truth which gnaws away at their soul as they fork out cash to follow a tribute act that even they know is not the original Rangers.

Nevertheless, I do take exception to folk trying to bully and intimidate others who speak the very simple truth about the late Rangers FC. They ultimately damage the lives of ordinary hard-working people who 

  • are prepared to comply with the norms of society by paying tax; and
  • use services which might be better were it not for Rangers’ unpaid bills.

What’s more, these individuals also  embarrass the memory of the late first Ibrox club, as well as Scotland and the whole United Kingdom. I find it hard to believe that they take any sort of pride in that!
However, the element of the above-mentioned article which MOST incurred my mocking was the truly woeful misrepresentation of simple facts by the supposedly proud and authoritative state broadcaster: the BBC.

I will leave aside the fact that the article laughably goes to some lengths to find other web searches which suggest that Sevco is more than four years old. I will also try to overlook the way that it shamefully avoids any articulation of why those folk ‘exchanging banter’ are entirely correct about Rangers’ death. Instead, I will simply highlight these two sentences: 

“Rangers fans have been left angry after discovering the iPhone personal assistant says the club was founded in 2012.

The question is a source of taunts from other clubs after Rangers came through liquidation and relegation.”

Seriously folks, the state broadcaster is telling us without a flicker of embarrassment that a doomed incorporated football club 

  • “Came through liquidation”… which is exactly the same as saying ‘survived death’; and
  • was then “relegated”.

As we all know (and that includes any passing members of the press pack) the truth of the matter is that Charles Green scraped the liquidated body parts of Rangers FC off the mortuary floor in 2012 and moulded them into a Rangers-shaped entity which then had to beg to be admitted into any sort of senior football.

It isn’t difficult to understand, no matter how easy it is to distort!

    Shame on you BBC! You deserve nothing less than outright contempt for this article. Especially given the way that you have unambiguously written about other football clubs going to their doom. [See here for links to several previous blogs about the BBC’s hypocritical coverage].

    In the final analysis you have to wonder what the BBC is so afraid of.