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The Resolution 12 Update

Good Evening.

Assuming there are still some readers out there… 😉, I am delighted to draw your attention to the latest update on Resolution 12 which has been provided by CQN Magazine, and which will be followed by analysis and a Q&A.

Resolution 12 – Official Update

A big ‘well done’ to all involved on getting this far in the face of resistance from many quarters and huge amounts of cynicism (not least from me…). 

It seems from the update that the SFA did not do its job properly when awarding Rangers its UEFA licence for season 2011-12. It also appears that there are yet further questions to be pursued by the Requisitioners, and if there is a crowdfunding exercise for additional legal services I will gladly contribute.

But a couple of points leapt out at me when reading the statement.

Firstly, it is suggested that UEFA has effectively stated that Sevco is a “new club/company”. And the logic on display is extremely difficult to argue against! [Take note, SFA!].

This is all well and good, but unless the correspondence is published it will quickly be dismissed as a ‘Timmy fabrication’ by many commentators. And our appalling MSM will simply ignore it. They might well ignore it if it was published, or simply lie about its content, but at least there would be no hiding place for them.

So I ask CQN Magazine and the Requisitioners: when can we see the actual letter? [NB I appreciate that it may take a little time…] 

Secondly, I am slightly troubled by these two extracts from the statement:

“However, in terms of accountability, the full UEFA response, when set against and contrasted with other information in the public domain, previous replies and public statements from the SFA, has raised further significant and as yet unanswered questions that shareholders feel should be drawn to the attention of UEFA Club Financial Control Body, the SFA (who said they would cooperate with any enquiry/investigation by UEFA) and Celtic, whom UEFA invited to take up directly.”

“These questions will be raised with relevant UEFA authorities (copied to Celtic and the SFA to consider) by the solicitors acting on behalf of shareholders by the end of July to allow for the intervening holiday period now upon us.

When the CFCB are in possession of our concerns Resolution 12 will have run its course as far as the representatives of the signatories to Res12 can take the matter without Celtic’s committed involvement to seek reform of the SFA and introduce greater transparency and accountability based on events since 2011.”

I have highlighted the key points in bold. It seems – as we always knew – that ultimately Celtic FC will have to step up and fully involve themselves in pursuing the issues raised by Resolution 12.

And yet we still haven’t seen or heard a single public utterance from the club to indicate that it is interested in Resolution 12, and that it will provide UEFA with any information it may need to 

a) conclude its consideration; and

b) bring about the badly-needed reformed governance of Scottish football that was the original purpose of Resolution 12.

As I have said until I am green-and-white-hooped in the face, this is a very poor state of affairs. It is perfectly possible for the club to say something reassuring to fans and shareholders without ‘showing its hand’.

If it wants to.

Having read and re-read the statement in CQN Magazine I can find nothing to offer me comfort that Celtic have any intention of playing their part once the requisitioners have completed their heroic work. 

That isn’t good enough. Fans, shareholders, and especially the Requisitioners (who have bust a gut and expended their own time and money on this worthy cause) deserve better!


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