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Two Questions For STV


Good Evening.

In the unlikely event that my self-absorbed blog finds its way to him, The Clumpany would like to pose two questions to Grant Russell, who I have always found to be very engaging on Twitter.

Firstly, I hear rumour that NASA may transfer the late Neil Armstrong’s membership of the Astronauts’ Hall Of Fame to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain. The Hall of Fame is entitled to define its own membership criteria and no one in the American media is willing to query this move. So does that potentially mean that Phil was the first man on the moon?

I’d be grateful for an early reply as I’m hosting a ‘space party’ at Clumpany Towers this weekend, and I really want Phil – who is scheduled to be the guest of honour – to be feted by the Scottish media (who always wanted to cheer him) and thereby raise awareness of bampots’ work on and off Planet Earth.

I wouldn’t ordinarily bother raising these kind of issues, only I happened to see these vintage tweets earlier today…

And now for my second question: when will STV output (online and TV) acknowledge the existence of The Offshore Game Report? 

Having an organisation like The Tax Justice Network calling out the ability of the national sport’s governing body to administer the game even-handedly is a remarkable development. And if you solely relied on STV for your news you wouldn’t know that the Offshore Game Report even existed.

At the very least, this possibly indicates an intriguing editorial decision within STV Towers that deserves an explanation to each and every one of us who watch any STV output, or who buy any product advertised between the programmes they show.

The Clumpany looks forward to STV’s finest replying. My email address can be provided, and I would happily publish the response on this site.

#KeepOnClumping (and give Phil a wave if you see the moon tonight).

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