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A Memo To CQN On Resolution 12

Good Afternoon. 

In a typical moment of self-absorption, The Clumpany would like to issue a point of clarification, as I am getting a lot of ‘bemused reaction’ from various directions.

I have been highly critical of CQN and CQN Magazine in the past couple of days, because I find it utterly perplexing that the Celtic board has not offered any public comment on Resolution 12 AT ALL since the 2013 AGM. They have seemingly left it to the Requisitioners to put their own time and money into the work, when issues of governance, level playing fields and the very point of having spent hard-earned money following Celtic in the last 10-12 years of Rangers’ life need to be addressed.

As I have said time and again, I find it bizarre that the club cannot even manage to say that they “are working with the requisitioners to ask questions of the SFA and UEFA”. Furthermore, I find it bewildering that CQN/Magazine could ask any fan or shareholders what a Celtic statement would achieve.

I also felt the most recent Resolution 12 ‘update’ to be a bit lacking. It would be good to know what the UEFA letter actually said, what the next steps are, and when Celtic will offer any sort of public comment. I appreciate the need to keep cards close to folks’ chests, but a little more frankness about why nothing more can be said at this stage, and what sort of activities are planned next would not go amiss.

My Twitter account and blog mercilessly mock some Sevco fans for seemingly taking things on trust and not offering criticism of either their board or the prominent fans with an ‘inside track’. It would be the height of hypocrisy for me to look the other way when I genuinely think there are questions to be answered by Celtic and those who may sometimes almost speak as an unofficial proxy for their views.

Others may feel the same as me. And others won’t. But that’s irrelevant here. I can only speak for myself.

I remain in awe of the work of the Requisitioners, and am inclined to believe – from what I have been told by numerous people – that Celtic are being very helpful to them. But I not going to change my mind about the board’s silence (and yes I am aware that my view doesn’t really matter as I am just a lone ethereal entity).

The world won’t end if Celtic don’t say anything publicly about Resolution 12. The overall outcome is the most important thing. However, I do think that they should offer the basic courtesy of a public statement to their fans and shareholders. If a large listed company was affected by regulatory or related issues, the very least they would be expected to do is issue a ‘holding statement’ to their shareholders. I see no reason why listed Celtic PLC cannot do the same.

On a wider note, it is worth saying that although I have recently taken issue with some of the output of CQN/Magazine on the Resolution 12 issue, I have nothing but appreciation for the work Paul Brennan et al put in to deliver a great news service and magazine content day after day. It is cracking stuff, as I have repeatedly said.

Having a robust disagreement about one issue doesn’t mean everything else is worthless!

Keep up the good work everybody. And please speak up Celtic.


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