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Resolution 12: The Embarrasing Silence

Good Evening.

The Clumpany has not been in a position to write a blog of late. I appreciate that this may have been a relief to humanity as a whole…

No matter…

I am posting this short, gag-free blog to make one single point:

Celtic FC, it is time to show your hand regarding Resolution 12. Are you reporting the issues raised to UEFA or are you not?

One more time…

Celtic FC, it is time to show your hand regarding Resolution 12. Are you reporting the issues raised to UEFA or are you not?

I don’t want to argue about this on the basis of favours being owed to fans after huge numbers of season tickets being sold. Resolution 12 simply raises a basic question of right and wrong that any football club board ought to enthusiastically pursue. 

Like many others who paid hard-earned money into following the Hoops, I just want to know whether Celtic are taking up the Resolution 12 issues with UEFA or not. And if they aren’t, then they owe many of us the simple courtesy of a clear statement to that effect.

No matter what anyone says, this is a straightforward matter of communicating with the folk who hold Celtic closest to their hearts.

The Clumpany is tired of reading ‘insiders’, rumour-hearers and hangers-on saying that some sort of statement from Celtic is coming “in the next few days”, or that ‘the situation’ has changed. I have repeatedly seen various folk make these claims on Twitter, via DM and in emails. All to no avail.

These ‘in the know’ assertions have gone on for long enough. And until such time as Celtic actually say something in public, I am now inclined to view such commentary as being complete and utter bullsh*t. Yes, that is quite a thing to say, but Celtic fans are not attuned to offering ‘senior’ folk or insiders any blind faith. Trust has to be earned.
No doubt someone will reply to this blog saying that ‘the board are working on this with the requisitioners’. I am sorry, but we have heard this MANY times before. Frankly, these folk shouldn’t now bother offering a public view unless they can tell concerned fans and shareholders EXACTLY WHEN Celtic will finally tell us what they think about the issues raised by Resolution 12.

All we ask for is an update. Governments, public bodies and companies provide information to a wider audience all the time, and sometimes under the most adverse of circumstances. This really isn’t rocket science.

Celtic’s handing of this issue is at risk of becoming a piss-take so epic that future generations might well build a mocking statue to it. Erected amongst the rubble of Scottish football, which used to be a sport.

For the millionth time: it’s your move, Celtic FC. What do you actually stand for?


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