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For The Avoidance Of Doubt

Good Evening.

The Clumpany wishes to offer hearty congratulations to Celtic Football Club and its board.

The signing of Brendan Rodgers and subsequent re-energising of the Celtic fan base was a masterstroke. And you deserve our applause. The sight of a large number of folk queueing to buy season tickets today was uplifting and worthy of a truly great club. I am sure you will follow up the Rodgers signing with a commensurate level of player acquisition, and I look forward to seeing your transfer dealings unfold.

I am not one of the fly-by-night MSM types who will try and make out that Celtic fans buying large numbers of season tickets shows us being excited by the imminent presence of a Rangers tribute act in the top tier. That argument is Grade A horseshit from journalists who yearn to be back in the David Murray era. Even though it turned out to be a massive sporting lie.

No, in my view, Celtic fans have simply responded to the board’s ambition by buying season tickets. They want to watch what is going to be on offer in season 2016-17. The club showed the fans that they are serious, and the fans have duly come flocking.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Isn’t it worthy of the vision of Fergus McCann, who perhaps troubled David Murray’s very soul by building a much bigger stadium than Ibrox and thereby creating a long-term structural advantage which probably couldn’t be beaten without ‘creative off-pitch endeavour’? Or perhaps the mother of all war chests? 

A visionary

Of course the season ticket sales are worthy. This is the kind of day that Celts For Change worked to see unfold.

But do you know something?

The Celtic board still owes Celtic fans.

Big time.

Because large numbers of us feel very strongly that we paid into something that wasn’t even a sport for over a decade. We are tired of the LNS farce and we are sick of the club we love failing to take Resoltion 12 forward. 

This has gone on long enough

Personally, I think it is utterly shameful that individual shareholders have had to sacrifice so much of their own time, emotion and MONEY to establish long-suspected grounds for complaining to UEFA that Rangers should not have had a licence to play in Europe in season 2011-12. 

Let’s remember that the issues at stake here are not small. They should deeply trouble a football club board charged with protecting shareholders’ investments and with advancing the sporting interests of its on-pitch team. The requisitioners are suggesting that in wrongly being granted a UEFA licence, Rangers deprived Celtic of potential Champions League income, and its fans of some fantastic nights out at club football’s top table.

That’s quite a charge!

To be fair, I can understand why a cautious, well-run organisation like Celtic Football Club might want to proceed with caution when dealing with these issues.

But come on! Resolution 12 was tabled at the club’s 2013 AGM! The requisitioners have bent over backwards and incurred costs in doing work that the Celtic board should have undertaken.

How hard can it be for Celtic to issue a statement saying they think their shareholders have identified a case which requires an answer, and that they have written to UEFA seeking a ruling through due process?

The Celtic board would do well to ponder whether the bright new future being ushered in by Brendan Rodgers and his upcoming signings is actually worth one thin dime if they aren’t prepared to ensure that it will take place on a level playing field.

It’s your move, Celtic. Don’t let us down.


NB if you would like to help out the Resolution 12 team of ordinary fans and shareholders who have been paying for legal advice with their own money, please buy a t-shirt by clicking here.