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The State Of Scottish Football

Good Evening.

Given that many of us continue to feel considerable concern about the contents of the Offshore Game report, which called into question the ability of the governing body to administer Scottish football even-handedly, it might be helpful to try and get a sense of how some of its prominent figures assess the current state of the game.

You would hope that allegations from a reputable and influential organisation like the Tax Justice Network would be of considerable concern to our senior administrators and opinion-formers. In fact, you would expect them to be the people MOST determined to get to the bottom of the troubling claims. And as quickly as possible.

So let’s have a look at what may be on the mind of SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan, by taking a look at his Twitter feed.

Ah yes. A confiscated bottle of tequila. A truly burning issue which needs to be addressed as quickly as possible in the name of ensuring the good governance of Scottish football. Whatever next? A working party to determine how Neil Doncaster was served sparkling mineral water instead of still during a meeting?

I am sure that any airport staff who ended up savouring the tequila secured absolutely no alcoholic advantage from it, and that Mr Regan was able to handle any troubling socialising unrest when he turned up at a party without any booze to offer. After all, he’s not the sort to experience fear (or indeed flavour, given his lack of tequila…).

But for now let’s just have a good laugh at Mr Regan referring to “Bureaucracy gone mad”, “jobsworth”  and things being “v frustrating”. Who knows, by the time we have finished out guffawing the SFA might have issued a full response to the Offshore Game report..?

Or perhaps Mr Regan will have acquired a bit more self awareness than was on display in this tweet:

Getting all excited about promotion via fair competition and a pyramid system might not be quite so hilarious had Mr Regan not been keen to see new club Sevco placed in the top two divisions back in 2012.

Mind you, when you are a senior official in an organisation that invites a £1.7m EBT recipient to help promote your flagship cup competition I suspect that external perceptions may not be your top priority.

Even if he converted it into £50 notes, McLeish couldn’t squeeze his EBT into the Scottish Cup and put the lid back on

And then there’s Keith Jackson and the Daily Record. What agenda-setting delights did he bring us on this fine Monday morning?

Oh dear. A column about how a player who hasn’t signed for Sevco and a manager who hasn’t signed for Celtic can make an apparently struggling Scottish game ‘box office’ again. Right you are Keith… That really advances the cause of hard-hitting journalism and does our national sport a power of good.

I would love to know the thought processes which concluded that this would be a better topic for the galaxy’s most celebrated sportswriter to cover than, say, the Offshore Game report…

The mind boggles…


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