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It Came From Outer Space

Good Evening.

I am just about to finish my fifth Buckie and bleach cocktail in-a-row by way of toasting the Scottish Champions. I say ‘cocktail’, but I actually mean ‘bucket’. 

Still, if you can’t get carried away on a day like today, when can you?

Speaking of which, I see legendary intergalactic roving reporter Martian Williams has popped up with a lengthy piece of soothing guff about the BBC sort-of-restating that (as long as you ignore the cold hard facts of incorporation and insolvency law) Sevco is the same ‘club’ as Rangers. 

It would be interesting to know whether Mr Williams’ X-Files contain a definitive description of what a ‘club’ actually is, and whether it circumvents UEFA’s stipulation that it must be a legal entity, rather than a myth held together by caveats, asterisks and sticky-back plastic from the Deluded ‘Office Supplies’ Company. Sadly, I suspect those documents may never be declassified. 😉

The Herald piece in question can be found here, and I won’t trouble you by regurgitating the detailed wibbling.

Suffice it to say that the old favourites – the ASA, ECA and [*guffaw*] Neil Doncaster – are mentioned, but not the equally valid/spurious comments that have appeared in a number of ‘FIFA-sponsored’ publications.

Regular readers will know that I have already p*ssed myself laughing at previous similar silliness from the Chief Petty Officer of the Engine Room Subsidiary, and you can find my views on these matters in two blogs.

Definitively Pish

Well That’s Awkward

However, the main thing I wanted to do in this short piece was to point and laugh at the Herald for going to such pains and so many paragraphs to run a ‘story’ about the BBC suggesting that Sevco is Rangers. In particular, for doing so when there is a HUGE story staring them in the face about the governance of our national sport, and genuine questions to be asked about whether it is indeed a sport at all.

I speak (again) of the Offshore Game Report, which is highly critical of the SFA’s actions in relation to Rangers (IL), and which raises fundamental questions about its ability to administer Scottish Football even-handedly. Graham Spiers, who was (until recently) a writer for the Herald Group managed to acknowledge the content of the report in his Times column yesterday. But the rest of our MSM has been completely silent. For days on end.

As I said in a previous blog, it is difficult to understand why almost no one will touch the story. Even the few normally very helpful journalists on Twitter are blanking anyone who asks about it. [NB You know who you are. Are you comfortable with this silence?]  It feels like there is an agreed(?), collective lockdown in place. And it is utterly bizarre

What can POSSIBLY be at stake here to cause so many journalists to expose themselves to daily ridicule for ignoring a report and major story that we all know exists? And without offering any explanation.

Whatever it is, I hope it is worth it.


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