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(Song For My) SFA Spun Sister

Good Evening.

It is an indication of quite how bizarre the Scottish sports media has become that legendarily unprolific music heroes The Stone Roses have managed to issue new material before we see any mainstream reporting of The Offshore Game Report on the SFA’s alleged shortcomings.

Whatever next? Will Lee Mavers of The La’s issue a 20 CD box set of material he’s secretly recorded over the past 25 years before STV manage to get round to even mentioning the existence of the revelations?

Will Yoko Ono release an album of immaculately-performed opera tracks before the BBC writes an article on the jaw dropping allegations levelled against the SFA?

Will Elvis Presley and the newly-reformed Bay City Rollers release an official ‘Scotland Euro 2016’ song (sic) before the Herald and Evening Shark-Jump say “hang on a minute, the SFA have some questions to answer here!”?

And will Michael Jackson form a skiffle band with Prince and tour the working men’s clubs of the UK before Clyde SSB genuinely want to hear your call about the questions marks hanging over the Lord Nimmo-Smith Commission?

I think we all know the answer to these questions. As James Forrest, Bella Caledonia, John James and others have already eloquently explained, something truly extraordinary is happening in our sports media just now. An absolutely astonishing series of allegations have been made about the guardians of our national sport by a highly reputable, serious and thorough organisation whose output is listened to by individuals, media, and vested interests around the world… and the Scottish MSM has done zilch.

Precisely nothing. 

In fact, if the laws of physics or the field of mathematics ever require a new definition of nothingness, of an absolute zero they could quite easily adopt the “Scottish MSM Spinelessness Constant”. And no one would bat an eyelid.

As I said in a previous piece, I simply do not buy the suggestion that legalities or complexity stand in the way of even acknowledging the report in newspapers or on radio and TV. Some people have suggested that an interdict might be preventing reporting. If that is the case then why has no one in the media used the traditional line that “reporting restrictions are in place”? [NB I am not even going to entertain the idea that someone will have obtained a super injunction in the English courts which prevents reporting of the existence of an injunction..!]

Unless someone from the MSM wishes to put their head above the parapet and explain that “we aren’t covering this story because of x and y” (which would actually treat their audience with respect rather than contempt), we are left to conclude that deliberate decisions have been taken by individuals, editors and proprietors to keep their mouths and laptops shut.

Which then begs the question of why? Is it because they are all working away to stand up the story and break further revelations? Is it because they genuinely don’t think there is a story here? Is it because they are frightened to discuss the report? Or is it because someone has told the media – en masse – not to say a word?

If the reason for the silence is anything other than the first of those possibilities, then that would be truly remarkable. Possibly even more remarkable than the Offshore Game report itself. After all, what would it say about the state of our media (and the people involved in it) as well as our society, if a tasty story about the very basis upon which our national sport is run is suppressed by the press? The supposed champions of free speech and fearless speakers-of-truth-to-power?

It would say that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

And for the benefit of any MSM journalists looking in, that last sentence does not mean we think your Danish counterparts are to blame for this embarrassing silence…

Now, get a grip and start reporting. Or at least do us all the courtesy of explaining your apparent dereliction of duty.


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