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Wasted Money

Good Evening.

This morning I had the pleasure of reading the usual outstanding coverage from James Doleman and Grant Russell of today’s MASH v SFA hearing at the Court of Session.

I will freely admit that it took me some time to stop laughing at the jaw-dropping levels of hurt on display from those in Sevconia who simply cannot grasp the idea of people paying for something they value. I refer in particular to Mr Doleman’s coverage, whose informed and professional reporting was much-appreciated by this particular crowd-fundee. However, I assume that these folk also take umbrage at the advertisers who are [*gasp*] PAYING for STV’s Mr Russell to obsessively cover Sevco matters…

All the howling in the world can’t disguise the embarrassment a section of Sevconia clearly feels at one or other of their ‘clubs’ repeatedly being on display as the star attraction in a remarkable allegedly death-defying freak show. Still, if they want to humiliate themselves on a daily basis, who are we to stop laughing? 😉

I have nothing of substance to impart regarding today’s hearing (and let’s face it, no one EVER comes here for substance…). I thought James Forrest captured things very well in his pieces, and that John James made some great points in his blog about the apparent ‘unity of purpose’ [my words, not his] between the SFA and whatever corpse has been dressed up as ‘Rangers’ and drooled over by the media this week.

However, I will invite you to ponder the following:

  • The previous remarks apparently made by Stewart Regan regarding Resolution 12,
  • The arguable high-handedness of the SFA’s position in court today (where you could possibly be forgiven for feeling that the governing body almost expected the judge to express regret at troubling them 😉),
  • The apparent reluctance of the Celtic board to take any action regarding Resolution 12; and
  • The lack of evidence that any other club is even remotely interested in calling for actual justice over the way our game was warped for over 10 years, or in demanding total reform of the SFA…

Given all of these things, I really don’t see any reason for anyone to squander a single penny more on Scottish senior football.

Unless of course you just want to watch something akin to WWE.

Akin to WWE, but without being able to buy a beer. And with the added excitement of potentially being arrested for ‘offensive’ behaviour while traveling to or from (or indeed while attending) the pretend ‘sport’. Simply because you are a ‘football’ ‘fan’.

Seriously folks. When will large numbers of us actually say that ‘enough is enough’?

When will we stop feeding this monster with our cash?

It is getting to the point where buying a ticket to any match in senior Scottish football is a clear vote in support of the status quo. Every person should obviously feel free to make their own choice. However, as far as this ethereal entity is concerned, attending any match, buying any merchandise or paying any TV subscription is now a pat on the back for those who run our game.

I can only conclude by expressing the hope that those of you who are still paying in are proud of the way you are now hindering change.

I hope it’s worth it.