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The Clyde Superscoreboard Book Club

Good Evening.

I can’t decide which book Clyde SSB presenter Gerry McCulloch is currently reading between the coherent thoughts of the pundits on his show.

It could be “Understanding Human Behaviour: A Guide for Radio Fishermen” [also known as “Cod Psychology”đŸ˜‰]. Then again, perhaps it is George Orwell’s 1984. Either way, his reaction to Anthony Stokes’s reply to one of his tweets tonight was nothing short of mesmerising.


Of course, it is entirely possible that Stokes was at the wind-up when taking the trouble to reply to Gerry’s observations. But then again, maybe the Celtic employee and fan simply doesn’t want to see Celtic beaten by Sevco in their Scottish Cup semi-final, even if it means he doesn’t get to play in the final. 

Imagine that: “professional footballer in ‘mind of his own’ shocker!”.

You can throw all the assertion you like at the matter, but to effectively (and repeatedly) insist that Stokes is talking nonsense on the basis of some unsubstantiated ‘insight’ is…errr… ‘entertaining’ to say the least. In fact, if he is always armed with that standard of comment, perhaps Gerry ought to think about calling SSB himself and asking to speak to DJ… đŸ˜‰

Of course, if we were really cynical we could ponder the difficulty someone working in the Scottish sports media  might have in believing that someone simply might want Sevco to lose ‘come what may’. After all, Sevco ‘doing well’ is a staple topic of discussion and relentless hyperbole across our newspapers, radio and TV coverage every single day. 

The kind of comment that Stokes made on Twitter tonight simply doesn’t have a place in our extremely conservative mainstream football commentariat. It is normally the kind of thing that pesky ‘Internet Bampots’ would say.

Of course, that really is a cynical point of view, and Gerry is right. Anthony Stokes was just being disingenuous.