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A 21st Century Freak Show

Good Morning.

Scotland’s football media is something of a joke.

Not everyone working in it, and certainly not every article that is ever published is laughable. However in general, day after day it is an embarrassment to the rest of the profession, the sport it purports to cover, and the country in which it is based.

Experiencing its output is akin to standing near a sewage works when a meteorite hits it, showering both you and the surrounding area with so much sh*t you can never quite get rid of the bad smell. 

Only it’s somewhat less amusing…

A case in point is the absolute frenzy of ‘excitement’ being whipped up about the upcoming Celtic-Sevco game.

‘Effluent autopilot’ has been engaged, and no end of putrid guff is being pumped out. Contact books have been crowbarred opened, ex-players and managers have been given carte blanche to spout any old nonsense no matter how incorrect or grievance-causing it may be. Acres of newspaper have been surrendered to an almost infinite variety of vacuous drivel, all of which is committed to the cause of ‘celebrating’ the ‘return’ of the ‘Old Firm’. Even Mo Johnston has been wheeled out to seemingly ‘add some controversy’ to proceedings.

The Scottish football media has absolutely p*ssed itself with delight over this pretend ‘Old Firm’ fixture, and left no cliche unused. If they used a quarter of this energy to promote other clubs and the game as a whole they might actually do the sport and its fans a service. Hell, it might even help to create a feelgood factor which drives up attendances and makes the ‘product’ more marketable to sponsors and broadcasters.

Quite frankly, if a football journalist or pundit views our great historic national game as being solely about two clubs – one of which is more asterisks and caveats than an actual ‘club’ – then I disrespectfully suggest that they are in the wrong line of work.

The 276 creditors of the ‘same club’ have been systematically mocked over the past few weeks by talk of ‘ancient rivalries’ and an utterly shameless denial of the very simple facts of liquidation. This denial suggests that much of our football media doesn’t give two hoots about the norms of society such as paying taxes, which is ironic given that the same outlets’ news desks continue to run items condemning tax avoidance. It also suggests that those in the privileged position of earning a living by commenting upon Scottish football are quite happy to peddle Orwellian lies which are little more than a direct insult to the intelligence of their customer.

It is truly breathtaking!

A cursory glance at the torrent of diarrhoea masquerading as ‘Old Firm build-up’ suggests that the use of any sort of ‘context’ is outlawed when covering this Sunday’s game. For example, Warbo is apparently a genius of a manager, but the second-tier nature of his well-funded achievements has not been dissected. Furthermore, the view of most Celtic (and other fans) that Sevco simply isn’t Rangers and that we won’t be fooled otherwise is completely overlooked. We are presumably considered to be some sort of nutters, whose evidence-based view of the world is so massively inconvenient and threatening to the cosy ‘continuation’ narrative that it must be ignored at all costs.

Even if that cost includes being on the receiving end of the utter contempt of vast numbers of sensible articulate people who might otherwise have bought your paper or listened to your radio show. Still, what’s the harm in ignoring folk concerned about liquidation lies when you already dismiss their dismay about the fatally-flawed LNS commission and the issues raised by Resolution 12, eh?

We should also remember that the very same media outlets that seek to inflate the enormity of the ‘Old Firm’ fixture and the ‘pressure’ on all involved also run relentless stories about possible trouble surrounding the game. And in doing so they highlight the 400 different types of authoritarian measures being taken by the police and others to ‘prevent’ problems. [Hint to the press pack: our civil liberties might be better protected if some of you were prepared to call out the heavy-handed nature of these measures].

We all know that argument, anger and violence is good ‘box office’ for the football media, but that doesn’t make it any less hypocritical of them to hype up everything to do with the Celtic-Sevco game and then get carried away about the trouble it may bring.

I think I have almost said enough… 😉

Suffice it to say that as far as this ethereal entity is concerned, the net effect of the media circus around the pretend ‘Old Firm’ fixture is to turn both it and Scottish football into a modern day freak show.

Journalism, my ethereal arse…



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