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The Crass Car Crash

Good Morning.

Today I had the misfortune to read possibly the most reprehensible bit of nonsense about Sevco I have ever encountered.

And I have come across an enormous amount of bullsh*t over the past four years.

 Derek Johnstone: Rangers’ journey has meant so much to so many but it doesn’t stop here for Mark Warburton’s side
Here are the key extracts:

“THERE were a mixture of emotions for me, and I am sure a lot of people, on Tuesday night as Rangers beat Dumbarton to clinch the title and win promotion back to the Premiership.

Like a lot of supporters, I was thinking of the die-hard Rangers fans who have passed away over the last four years and never got the chance to see their club back in the top flight.

I also remembered my former team-mates like Sandy Jardine and Colin Jackson, two men who did so much for the club and are sadly no longer with us.

Rangers Football Club meant the world to people like that and unfortunately they never got the chance to see them complete The Journey.

It was great to see Rangers winning the title on Tuesday, but it means more than just the Championship trophy and a medal to me, as it will to so many other fans.

I sat and reflected and have thought about so many people and just what the club has been through.

Kenny McDowall’s dad, Andrew, was 83 and was sadly buried on his birthday on Thursday morning. Andy Bain spent nearly nine decades supporting Rangers and you could count on two hands the number of games he missed during that time.

Both of them never got the chance to see the Gers back in the top flight and I was saddened to hear that Douglas Odam has passed away as well.

Then you have Sandy, who worked tirelessly to keep Rangers going and was one of three or four who did so much during those dark days. And I thought about Colin, who was a terrific servant as a player and then gave so much to Rangers in later years.

Every fan will have had similar thoughts over the last couple of days, they will be remembering people whose lives revolved around Rangers and it is sad that they never got the chance to see their team back where they belong.

There will be people all over the world to whom Rangers meant so much and it will be emotional for their loved ones at this time, as it is for the fans who have been on the road with Rangers since that opening fixture of the campaign at Brechin in 2012.

It has been a very long, tough four years, and you have to feel for the people that have been through it all inside Rangers. There have been some good times, but there have been plenty of bad ones on and off the park.”

Yes, it really was a column based around the fans and players of the various Ibrox clubs who sadly didn’t live long enough to see Sevco complete the ‘Journey’. That hilarious rollercoaster ride which started against Brechin under cover of a hitherto-unknown conditional membership of the SFA in July 2012, and which will end with Basket of Assets FC competing in the Premiership for the first time next season. 

I don’t doubt that DJ is sincere in his thoughts about departed colleagues and fans. However, in terms of articulating them, there is a fine line between the tugging of heartstrings and the pulling of our legs. And DJ manages to drive a coach and horses through it. 

‘Crass’ doesn’t even come close to summarising the article.

For the benefit of the hard-of-thinking, I am absolutely clear that it is a terrible shame when former players and long-standing fans pass away (and incidentally, I thought the Ibrox outfit did the great Sandy Jardine proud when he died). But come on, DJ! Droning on about all the folk that died without seeing their ‘club’ ‘back’ in the top flight seems a bit distasteful. 

This isn’t Moses being denied the opportunity to enter the Promised Land. It’s a new football ‘club’ being promoted. A football ‘club’constructed from the dismembered body parts of one that died owing millions of pounds, having failed to participate in normal tax-paying society and having trampled on the football rule book.

Rangers got what they deserved and Sevco got the mother of all leg-ups by being rushed into senior football ahead of other potential candidates. This should never be forgotten. So please spare us the sanctimonious ‘victim’ schtick, DJ.

The people of whom DJ speaks at least knew there was a sort of ‘Rangers’ in existence. A ‘Rangers’ which had an opportunity to build a sustainable operation and play by the same rules as everybody else as a result of the magnanimity of other clubs who could quite reasonably have told them to take a running jump. 

These folk also got to have some amazing days experiencing the winning of trophies which history now suggests were won by financial doping and ‘curious’ administrative practices.

Days which fans of other clubs didn’t get to experience. Would DJ like to spare a thought for them?


DJ? Are you there?!