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An Eerie Silence

Good Evening.

You will have noticed that something very odd happened at just before 4pm this afternoon. 

The world completely stopped.

It stood still. 

It froze for a second, but it seemed like an eternity.

And then the world started up again.

However it took humanity a short while to resume its activities.

Because something didn’t quite seem right.

People exchanged slightly bewildered glances.

Then they narrowed their eyes and shook their heads.

The shaking was almost imperceptible, but there was no mistaking the mass demonstration of bewilderment.

Somewhere in the distance, a lone wolf could be heard howling.

Then the tumbleweed came.

Propelled by an eerie whistling wind, tonnes of tumbleweed blew past every person on the planet.

Somehow it even made its way in to the International Space Station, which had also been affected by the sudden freezing of time.

But finally the tumbleweed disappeared.

Someone coughed, and the spell was broken. 

People attempted to resume their day.

However, the experience had caused a collective feeling of deep unease. 

People spoke to their neighbours, called relatives, or went to discuss the disturbing experience with friends in the pub.

They all wanted to know the reason for the strange surreal moment when everything had ground to a halt..

And then someone identified the cause, and was able to set everybody’s mind at rest:

Yes, that’s right.

A member of the Scottish sports media had tweeted about football burying its head in the sand, and about an ensuing outbreak of denial…

Tune in next week for another edition of the Scottish Media Twilight Zone…