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“Is that the Evening Shark-Jump? I want to make a complaint…”
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Good Morning.

I had a small chuckle to myself this morning (I don’t get out much) when I read the latest offering from the Evening Shark-Jump.

Rangers boss Mark Warburton set for Celtic spying mission ahead of Old Firm clash 

The ‘story’ (for it masquerades as such) is that Mark Warburton might go and watch Celtic play before the Scottish Cup “Old Firm clash”. Quite what the ‘Old Firm’ has to do with Sevco I’ll never know, but I suspect there may have been some shameless-liquidation denial rattling around in the head of the author when they accosted their keyboard.

“MARK WARBURTON hopes he will be able to make a personal check on Scottish Cup rivals Celtic before their Hampden showdown next month.”

“And the Ibrox boss insists he won’t overdo the analysis before derby day as he prepares for what could be a huge few weeks for the Gers.

Warburton said: ‘We’ll go and watch them play. We’ve watched a number of their games, I’ve seen three of their games on tape. We’ll go and see them play at some stage and we’ll have other people at their games. We’ll do what we have to do.

Ideally, I like to go and see teams in person, but you have to trust people as well. I know that if Frank or Davie go to a game, they will see the same game that I see and we’ll report back with the same points. Whether it is me, Frank, Davie or Jim, it’s the same. 
I’ll watch the DVDs two or three times, I’ll watch them live once or twice if I can, that’s enough. Otherwise it is overkill.'”

Wow! That’s some serious insight there! I love the line about Warbo ‘insisting’ he won’t ‘overdo’ the analysis. 

Furthermore, who could have guessed that Warbo might go and watch Sevco’s future opponents in person? Or that someone else might do so on his behalf instead?

And what shocking news to learn that he’ll watch some of Celtic’s games on DVD!

This is remarkable stuff! A revolution in football management is occurring on our doorstep! Thank Heaven the Evening Shark-Jump is here to report on it. 

One jaw-dropping statement of the obvious at a time.

We should also offer special credit to the headline-writers at the Evening Shark-Jump. They don’t have much to work with ,but boy do they try their best. To cast The Warbmeister as some sort of secret agent sneaking into a Celtic game to gather intelligence is a work of (very minor) genius.

It’s almost as if Warbo is being portrayed as a sort of James Bond figure. I can see the cinema billboards now:

“Mark Warburton stars as 007 in ‘Live and Let (Liquidation) Lie’: an Evening Shark-Jump production.”

Do feel free to spend the rest of the day tweeting #SevcoBond puns!


For example “MSM: Licenced to Shill” 😉 [Thanks @sneckietim!]
Finally, while I am discussing matters ‘Shark-Jump’ a recent Twitter exchange prompts me to pose a conundrum to any passing rocket scientists. Can anyone explain the differing perspectives offered by these two pictures?