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The ‘At Least You Tried’ Awards

Good Evening.

Humanity has very few genuinely ‘common experiences’ beyond birth, marriage, death and taxes (not you Rangers (IL)…). But it is a universal truth that at some point in our ethereal schooldays we all managed to be absolutely abysmal at some sort of sporting activity.

Someone bigger/ faster/ more intimidating/ with a bigger dad/ equipped with a missile* would ultimately embarrass you in some way or another. 

[*I am not at liberty to discuss the nature of the ethereal school I attended].

You would end up disappointed by the experience, or perhaps upset. You might even be completely and utterly humiliated. But wherever you found yourself on the scale of ‘totally crushed’, an adult would always pop up and say “It doesn’t matter. At least you tried”.

In the better-resourced competitions you would actually get a proper medal for taking part. I am still melting mine down and will single-handedly provide the Chinese economy with cheap metal for the foreseeable future…

We could spend years debating whether it would be better or worse for individuals and society if such ‘participation accolades’ were not awarded to children. However, it is wonderful to see that the concept of the “At least you tried” award is alive and well in Sevconia!

The form of the medal may have changed – it is now a bit of PR spin on a website – but the concept is still the same: a soothing balm for losers. 😉

And here is the Sevco website article in full. It is well worth a read:

Lee’s Scot The Lot

Oh dear me! Someone, somewhere is really really hurting that no matter how many players Gordon Strachan selected for Scotland’s upcoming friendlies, he did not call upon any Sevco players, including their captain Lee Wallace. It is almost as if a frustrated sense of entitlement is being put on display out of pure unadulterated anguish.

By pure coincidence, the article seems to chime with some of the recent media narrative around Gordon Strachan’s reign as the national manager. For example:

Gordon Strachan Does The ‘Shake n Vac’

Relegated To The Snub’s Bench

To be fair, the website piece (which revolves around the comments of the famously-besmirched David Weir) ultimately acknowledges that the selection of the Scotland squad is Gordon Strachan’s responsibility. But seriously… How many times can you ever recall a football ‘club’ publishing an article expressing surprise that one of their players hasn’t been selected for international duty?

Don’t most football ‘clubs’ simply choose to let the matter lie and enjoy their player not risking fatigue or injury by playing for someone else? Don’t most football ‘clubs’ manage to maintain some level of dignity by not feeding the media with a cheap headline that might drown out the ’embarrassing’ selection choices of the national manager?

Whatever the case, it seems safe to say that someone in Sevconia isn’t very happy at all tonight. 

However, the only thing that actually counts right now is the view of Gordon Strachan. And as far as The Clumpany can tell, the Truth According To Strachan is this…

They may be ‘The People’, but they aren’t playing for Scotland just now. 

And it seems to hurt.

Entertainingly so…



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