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Bringing It On Yourself

Good Evening.

While surfing the tidal wave of ‘Old Firm’ pish which is sweeping both the nation and ether, I stumbled across a quite startling observation. 

I know what you are thinking: “I didn’t know you could surf, Comrade Clumpany. Is there no beginning to your talents?”.

Well if you think surfing is impressive, wait until you hear that I had to endure the thoughts of Neil ‘I’ve Got A Rulebook And I Ain’t Afraid To Wave It’ McCann before I found the point of interest to which I refer above.

You have to admit that this shows ‘commitment’ on my part. Or something…

McCann Predicts Close Affair

McCann (in an outbreak of unprecedented originality) felt that the upcoming Sevco-Celtic Scottish Cup game would be closer than last season’s League Cup semi-final. He pointed to Celtic’s loss of form and the magnificent feats of human excellence being achieved by the Warbmeister XI, as exemplified by their recent win over Dundee. McCann’s best line was – without doubt – this one:

“For the first time I thought Rangers looked ridiculously fit, sharp, and they looked the Premier League outfit”.

So it’s a team full of Steve Austins then?! Wow! Maybe Sevco could sell one of their Six Million Dollar Men to help ease their reliance on borrowing?


We can rebuild Sevco’s finances…
But the main points of interest in the article were the comments from former Celtic player and distinctly ordinary Sky pundit, Andy Walker. He agreed that the sides are ‘closer’ than last year and remarked that

“I appreciate there is an ugly side to the game that a lot of people can do without, but having been born and bred in Glasgow and growing up as a Celtic supporter, the highs and lows of that fixture will live with me forever.

Scottish football hasn’t been the same. You’ve got to say it was completely and utterly Rangers’ fault, their spectacular mismanagement that led them into administration and liquidation. But I think they are a much better team now than they were the last time Celtic and Rangers played in the League Cup semi-final.”

Ignore the liquidation-denial for now and simply marvel at Walker stating one blindingly obvious thing: what happened to Rangers was entirely their own fault. No one else’s. Their. Own. Fault. 

How often do you hear that view articulated in the mainstream media? Rather than general mentions of ‘financial meltdown’ and ‘being placed in the 3rd Division’ etc?

How often do you hear anyone from Planet Sevco acknowledge that it wasn’t a case of ‘a big boy did it and ran away’, or that there wasn’t a conspiracy  against ‘the World’s Most Successful Club’ through envy or malice?

Take your time…

And Walker wasn’t finished:

“Walker believes Rangers may have to look beyond any possible victory over Celtic, and offer the financial backing chairman Dave King promised the club would give Warburton.

‘Mark Warburton has put together a squad, quite a tight squad, he’s got them playing really good football. “The one problem for Rangers will be trying to keep Mark Warburton onside because Dave King has spoken a lot about investing in the team, nothing has come of that of late'”.

Ouch! That really is ‘off message’ Andy! There’ll be no visits to the King wine cellar for you if you keep talking about unopened war chests!

However, just as I was beginning to wonder what other cutting observations might flow from Walker’s newly-activated critical faculties, there was an unfortunate shutdown. 

“Mark Warburton has got a terrific reputation down south. When you look at some of the clubs in the Championship, who are desperate to be part of the Premier League, clubs like Derby and others, no wonder they will cast their eye to Mark Warburton knowing he has already done a great job at Brentford”.

Oh dear. The ‘Warbo Hot-Property’ myth… 

One day a list of the clubs that Sevco fought off to secure his services will be released. I’ll keep a postage stamp to hand so that I can record the list on the back of it. What’s more, one day, the stories ‘linking’ Warbo to other clubs won’t sound like the result of a phone call between a PR outfit and a bookmaker following the placing of a £1 bet…

But until that happens I will try my best not to snort with derision at the hype. It would – after all – be very disrespectful. 

And no one could fairly accuse Warbo of bringing that upon himself. Unlike Rangers and their spectacular demise.



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