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All About The… Celtic


Warbo would give his left arm for the opportunity to NOT talk about Celtic
Good Evening.

Such is The Warbmeister’s flare for originality, you just knew what was going to happen when you read these words on the Sky Sports website:

“I have never met Ronny, I am sure he is very aware of what is involved when you take a job like Celtic or Rangers.

I am not going to talk about another club’s business”

That’s right. The cavalry came riding down the hillside, marching bands played, fireworks were set off, and a Town Crier stepped forward to bellow out the word ‘BUT’

If Warbo says he isn’t going to comment on something then you can safely prick up your ears, lean forward in your seat and wait for him to talk about it. Alan Stubbs, the Hibs team, and the Alloa pitch have all benefited from The Former City Trader’s peculiar-sort-of-silence in recent times.

And so it was today that Warbo absolutely did not talk about Celtic’s business:

“But I just feel sympathy that he has achieved on a number of fronts and all I hear is criticism. I think a manager like Ronny deserves more than that.

You set your targets at the start of the season, and one of the targets will be to win the league.

They have been at the top of the league, they are in a cup semi-final. Everything will be geared towards the European aspect of it, but again, has he had a shocking season?

Celtic are top of the league, they have had European competition for the last number of years and they have a squad full of international players. We are very respectful of that.

We are not under any illusion about the quality of Celtic. But right now, we are in good shape as well. We are performing well and doing what we have to do.”

Those of you playing the Warbo Drinking Game can now drink the 100th pint that has been triggered by Warbo mentioning ‘respect’ this season.

I am sure Ronny will be studying the teachings of Guru Warbs with great interest. No doubt he will curse those major Scottish and Norwegian trophies he has won. And will desperately wonder how he can ever aspire to Warbo’s greatness, what with his achievements at the now-defunct Enfield FC, his trophyless spell at Brentford, and his epic contribution to lower-league football in Scotland.

They say that silence is golden. In the case of Warbo attempting not to speak about something, it certainly is.

It’s comedy gold.



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