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I’ll let you make your own jokes about ‘fake excitement’…
Good Evening.

I don’t like to plug my own work very often, but I thought this piece written by me – under the name ‘Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’ – was absolutely superb. As you can see, it absolutely ripped apart those who pretend (publicly at least) that Rangers Football Club didn’t go into liquidation in 2012.

Regular readers will know that I remain astonished by the behaviour of some folk who work in an industry which is supposed to stand tall against censorship.  The shameless pretence that something didn’t happen even though we all saw it would be sinister if it wasn’t so laughable. And personally, I thought I hit the nail on the head with that ‘Phil’ piece.

Bravo ‘me’!

And every single word of that article and last night’s blog has been borne out today. Parts of the Scottish sports media have oiled themselves up and engaged in an orgy of glee because they can pretend that Rangers are about to play Celtic in the Scottish Cup. There’s now no need to give the impression that there are 40 other senior clubs in Scotland worth giving serious coverage to (not that they really succeeded in that over the past four years!). 

Parts of the MSM can now ‘return’ to the only thing that really matters: Rangers* playing Celtic.

And The Evening Shark-Jump for one didn’t hold back


…it practically screamed as it reported that Scotland had no need of oil revenues given the MASSIVE ECONONIC BENEFITS that the fixture would deliver.

The question of whether those benefits will be swallowed up by increased activity at the nation’s A&E departments was not discussed. And the piece completely shot itself it the foot by mentioning the Jonah of Scottish football punditry. 

“Footie finance guru Neil Patey said…”

Oh dear…

The best bit of today’s ‘coverage’ (and by coverage I mean ‘drooling’) was in relation to the remarks of Kris Boyd.

Kris Boyd: Celtic beating Rangers would only ‘paper over cracks’

Wherein the noted misser of barn doors tipped Sevco to win the game, and commented that even if Celtic prevail it will only serve to mask problems at the Scottish Champions.

He even remarked that

 “I fully expect an overhaul there in the summer, whether it’s players leaving because of the amount they have got, or an overhaul of the management staff”.

Yes that’s right folks. A recipient of a £215,000 EBT pontificated about the state of Celtic and about what may or may not be good for them. But Boyd wasn’t finished there:

“I can’t remember the last time I read a positive story coming out of Lennoxtown or Celtic Park”

Anyone who has ever encountered the output of the Scottish sports media will have rightly guffawed at the spectacle of a newspaper carrying a quote about a lack of positive Celtic stories!

It’s breathtaking stuff.

Another Scotsman piece also caught my eye:

Dave King: Scottish football ‘suffered’ without Rangers

It turned out that Dave King statement – which accompanied RIFC’s unaudited interim financial results – had joined in the frenzy of assertion about how much we all need Sevco:

“Many of the clubs in the Premiership will also be hoping Rangers* is promoted because Scottish football has suffered on many levels since our club went down to the bottom division”.

The arrogance is remarkable! Not only are most clubs apparently rooting for the recreation of a creditor-stiffing and rule-breaking entity, but the entire sport has seemingly suffered since Sevco was graciously fast-tracked into the game in 2012! 

Although the Scotsman remarked that “warnings of a Scottish football ‘armageddon’ proved to be an almost hysterical overreaction by notable high profile figures in the game” there was no serious quibbling with King’s nonsense. 

In fact, they threw Sevco a nice liquidation denial-flavoured bone:

“The club have been outside the top division since suffering liquidation in 2012.”

Clearly the Scotsman didn’t mean ‘outside’ in the sense of ‘rotting in the mortuary’, which would have been more accurate. 

Oh well.

It would be remiss of me on this exciting day not to mention STV’s Grant Russell, who I only ever reference in a positive way. Not everyone agrees, but I think Grant calls things as he sees them and engages constructively on Twitter. He is also the only MSM journalist to Tweet from some of the Sevco court cases (alongside the superb James Doleman), and I generally think he brings something interesting to the party. [Not that he will care what I think!].

I really enjoyed his response to people on Twitter ‘challenging’ STV’s use of the term ‘Old Firm’ today.

A world brand eh? I didn’t know that STV now broadcast to all of humanity! That’s a remarkable expansion. Thankfully however, the money spent on global domination hasn’t been at the cost of quality output… 😉

But ‘fair play’ to Grant. His tweet actually made me stop and think about how far the Ibrox outfit has come.

Have a look at this Q&A from STV on 25 June 2012:


Wow! So Sevco has gone all the way from ‘proposed club’ to participating in the ‘Old Firm’ Franchise in less than four years: That’s amazing! I bet football ‘clubs’ around the world are kicking themselves for not buying the ‘Rangers’ name in 2012. They could have bought their way into (and benefited from) a world-renowned brand!
Finally, sharp-eyed Clumpaneers many have noticed another sentence in that classic STV piece:

   “which is known as Rangers”…

Not “is Rangers”…

Once again we see that the truth really is out there, even if numerous media outlets don’t want to speak it any more.



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