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The Mould Firm

Good Evening.

You may have heard that Celtic have drawn Sevco in the Scottish Cup semi-final…

Big deal?

Well, it is a Cup semi-final so (by default) it is a big deal. But it’s no bigger than any other semi-final. That said, the fixture will certainly generate an enormous amount of noise and we are unlikely to hear anything about the other semi-final no matter how intriguing it is. [NB Yes, I AM as guilty of generating noise as anyone else.]. 

We have been told time and time again that Scottish football ‘misses’ the Celtic-Rangers fixture even though it can never return. As we all know, large parts of the media now elect to get their fix of Rangersness via Sevco, no matter how preposterous the very notion may be.
They treat Sevco Scotland as if it is Rangers, and as if liquidation never happened. Consequently, we get to hear about such flights of fantasy as an ‘Old Firm’ game in the Scottish Cup, and are given information about the number of ‘previous’ meetings between the sides over the decades rather than over the few months of Sevco’s existence. [Incidentally, needy Sevco themselves have already published such information tonight. Bless]. 

The reasons for this gross media misrepresentation have been discussed at length in this blog and elsewhere. The possibilities include 

  • unwillingness to accept the truth that Rangers died at its own hand while endeavouring to get an underhand advantage, 
  • a desperate need to keep former Rangers fans interested in consuming traditional media, and 
  • plain fear of an intimidating mob.

It could even be a combination of all three.

But whatever the case, we get the myth of Rangers’ continuity rammed down our throats on a daily basis, and are left to conclude that large parts of the media contemptuously think we are complete idiots.

It rightly infuriates an awful lot of the Celtic fan base when the former European Champions and payers of all their bills get the lazy ‘Old Firm’ tag slapped on them. I see no reason why Celtic should ever want to be bound together with (and validate) a reconstituted version of an entity which systematically pursued an unfair advantage for a decade. To acquiesce would be to declare that Celtic do not believe in sporting integrity above all else. Which would be utterly unforgivable.

What’s more, as a fan of Scottish football as a whole, I have no wish to be associated with the discredited concept of an ‘Old Firm’. Obviously, I want Celtic to win everything, but (as I have said many times before) I loathe the idea that Scottish football is simply about two clubs (or rather one club, and one metaphysical construct). It has so much more going for it than a few Glasgow-flavoured fixtures each season, and it is to the complete shame of our administrators and much of the media that there has been no effort to reimagine what the game is about since Rangers died. Instead, it has seemed like they have been praying for the day when they can permanently re-engage ‘Old Firm’ mode, and pretend it is the David Murray era all over again.

So please excuse me if I get tired of the pantomime of liquidation-denial and the airbrushing of history which is being turned up to a Spinal Tap-esque ’11’ following today’s Scottish Cup draw.

And do bear with me if I have no time for the smug and condescending comments of those who don’t seem to want to hear criticism of their amazing volte-face since the summer of 2012. You know the sort of thing…

Media commentator: “Oh look Rangers have drawn Celtic in the Cup. Cue lots of ‘there is no Old Firm’ mayhem”.

[*Bampots point out the extent and shamelessness of the Great Liquidation Lie which makes a mockery of the sport*]

Media commentator: “Oh look there’s a lot of ‘there is no Old Firm’ mayhem. I bet people will keep this up for weeks. Tut tut.”

I suspect that we are about to see an orgy of pretence that the liquidation of Rangers never happened. From outlets who unambiguously spoke about the implications of liquidation and then proclaimed Rangers’ death in 2012. 

Watch out for the minced words, warped accounts of history, assertions of continuity, and absolutely no regard for the critical faculties of the population of Scotland.

Does your intelligence feel insulted yet?

Don’t worry, it will do soon…

Watch out for the lies, and 



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