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The Trouble With Trebles


Come on! You have to admit that it’s one of my better punning titles!
Good Evening.

The Evening Shark-Jump’s Sevco coverage is second to none. One might argue it wins that accolade by default as absolutely no one could compete with that level of ‘commitment’ to the cause. 

But I think that would be rather unfair. Their crack team of writers has an audience and they cater for it with gusto. Most of that audience are undoubtedly Sevco fans, but there are others like me who just can’t avert our eyes from a daily newspaper ‘car crash’. One way or another, we are all entertained.

And that is truly something to be thankful for.

Given the awesome levels of commitment displayed by Her Majesty’s ‘Sevco Serene’ Corps, it is always particularly pleasing when one of them parascends from the top of Shark-Jump Towers and takes time out to talk about Celtic. [NB unlike the lads at Ibrox, they don’t just parascend with one ball, but with a load of balls… 😉]

And today was our lucky day! 


Michael Mols ‘surprised’ Celtic haven’t won a Treble during Rangers’ Premiership exile

Michael Mols had an EBT worth £260,000. Discussion over.

Well, not quite…

You have to snort with derision at one of the EBT Brigade speaking about what Celtic should have won, and at the Evening Shark-Jump for carrying his views without offering any wider perspective.

“MICHAEL MOLS admits he is ‘surprised’ Celtic have not made the most of Rangers’ absence from the top flight and clinched a domestic Treble in recent years.

The Dutchman was part of the last squad to win the league title, League Cup and Scottish Cup in the same campaign in 2003 as Rangers recorded their seventh clean sweep.

Celtic have not held all three trophies at the same time for 15 years and could meet Mark Warburton’s side in the latter stages of the Scottish Cup this term as they also look to hold off the challenge of Aberdeen in the Premiership.”

“Admits”! I bet the Evening Shark-Jump had to practically (and reluctantly) torture Mols to get him to make this startling confession!

“Celtic were comfortable winners when the Old Firm met at Hampden last season and Mols knows it takes something special to lift all our major prizes in the space of a few weeks.”

Oh look! The ‘Old Firm’ gets a mention. A nice bit of liquidation denial to accompany the headline’s mention of ‘Premiership Exile’.

“If I look back now, it’s really special to win a Treble”.

Many would argue that it isn’t special at all when it’s done on the back of financial doping and rule-breaking, Michael! In fact, they might suggest that it’s a hollow ‘achievement’ worthy only of a great big asterisk.

“When Rangers went down a few leagues, you would say, Ok, that will give Celtic a big chance of winning the Treble for maybe three, four seasons. But, from what we’ve seen, it’s still very difficult to do.

You would have expected Celtic to have done it, so yes I’m surprised they never managed it, although I’m not sure about the standards of Celtic, Aberdeen or the other clubs.

And so we finally get to the only salient point in the piece. It may have been unwittingly-expressed, but it’s there in black and white: Mols doesn’t know what he’s talking about! He thinks a Treble might still be difficult to achieve, but he isn’t sure as he doesn’t know about the standard of the clubs in Scottish football!
Cheers Michael! The nation salutes you. Although perhaps not as much as the Evening Shark-Jump, which got a pretty cheap headline out of your comments.

I look forward to the next instalments of Mols’ gripping thoughts:

“Mols: I Can’t Catch My Breath Over ‘The Same Club’ Not Repaying Its Creditors”

“Mols: Home A-Loan With My EBT”

“Mols: ‘Are My Vacuous Quotes Good Enough To Make A Sensationalist Headline?'”

Finally, I must admit that when I first read Mols’ thoughts – as reported by Chris Jack – I had a nagging feeling at the back of my mind. I wracked my limited brain and thought hard about why the article had unexpectedly struck a chord.

Why did Chris Jack writing about Celtic failing to win a Treble seem so familiar? It seemed odd, given that he rarely reports on Celtic. 

And then I remembered!

It was a clear case of deja (light) blue!