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Refusing To Shut Up

Good Evening Sevconia!
Good Evening.

A couple of welcome developments have gladdened my ethereal heart over the past 24 hours.

First of all, there was this excellent piece of news:

Sunday Herald brings back columnist Angela Haggerty after Rangers row dismissal

I previously remarked that the ‘Spiers/ Haggerty Incident’ was a thoroughly depressing episode which (no matter what went on behind the scenes) was only likely to embolden those who seem to revel in trying to silence anyone undertaking any form of critical analysis of one or other of the Ibrox-based football clubs.

Removed (From Reality)

Fire Brigade To Spiers Towers!

Critical Thinking

Free Pitchfork And Flaming Torch For EVERY Remaining Reader!

A Clumpany Statement On A Recent Statement

So although Graham Spiers remains estranged from the Daily Backbone, and Jim Spence is unlikely to forget the hostility he faced for simply asking a question, Angela’s return to her Sunday column is very welcome. I was intrigued by the comment from Backbone and Shark-Jump Group editor-in-chief Magnus Llewellin over the reinstatement:

“After careful consideration – including a re-examination of the context of her original social media postings – the decision has been made to reinstate Angela as a columnist. She is back with the Sunday Herald this weekend.”

It begged more questions than it answered, and I would be intrigued to know when, how and why that “careful consideration” took place. We may never know to what degree the National Union of Journalists had a hand in prompting the paper’s change of heart, but their swift, forthright and public backing of Angela (who herself seemed to have got into trouble for… errr… backing a colleague) was one of the few uplifting things about this sorry saga. It was a timely reminder of the importance of solidarity and looking out for each other in an era where ‘the individual’ and selfishness are often the be-all and end-all of our society

Most of the time we don’t have to explicitly think about our collective interests, but when the chips are down, boy is it a wonderful thing to have solid backing from your union.

There was quite a lot of online jubilation at Angela’s reinstatement. With some even being moved to reach for popcorn.

But sadly for a few, the idea that Angela had regained her newspaper column, and thus a platform to…errr…. express her views was horrifying. What a shame eh? I would like to think that they will now let Angela and others get on with their work. But you wouldn’t put money on it, would you?

Another person in line for some spectacular rage from the more ‘excitable’ corner of Sevconia is James Doleman. James has a happy knack of REALLY getting under The People’s skin by doing his job well,  sometimes reporting on Rangers and Sevco-related things, and asking them to make a financial contribution IF THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL.

Courting Popularity

It’s utterly outrageous isn’t it? Going to court, reporting on what happened, and trying to earn a living. It’s probably sectarian, bigoted, hate-fuelled, obsessive and all those other angry-but-empty cliches that we see online everyday.

Well guess what Sevconians! He’s at it again! Another crowd-funding exercise! So he can report on events relating to one of your clubs!

Rangers Court Cases Round 2

[*Pauses to allow walls to be punched*]

The Clumpany finds it hugely entertaining to witness the impotent frustration of those who cannot stomach  James, Angela and numerous others simply carrying on with their work no matter how much harrumphing or hostility is shown towards them. They would probably prefer to see these journalists gagged, and it must be absolutely galling that they can’t get their own way. Really, really gut-wrenchingly awful.

Nae luck lads!

I will be reading Angela’s column on Sunday and have already pledged to James’ latest crowd-funding exercise. Because I want to. Because I appreciate what they are doing. If you don’t value what they are doing, don’t engage with it. It really is that simple.

Because try as you might, you aren’t going to stop them…