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Mark Warburton’s Mission To Pluto

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Good Morning.

Bless the Daily Backbone and others for giving Sevco and Wonderwarbs the oxygen of publicity and making them seem relevant, despite being a club and manager who ply their trade in the second tier and who have won precisely no major trophies between them.

And bless Wonderwarbs for offering his views on the future of European football from his unique ‘Scottish Championship’ perspective. 

This really is incredible stuff. A lower-league manager and so-called ‘newspaper’ discussing how changes to the Champions League might damage a side that couldn’t cope with the narrowed pitch of the club at the bottom of their division at the weekend.
But this is Scotland. And apparently Rangers live. Or at least the pretence of this fantasy must be maintained…

The opening of the piece was a classic

“MARK Warburton has warned that ‘dangerous’ plans to restrict entry into the Champions League to Europe’s elite clubs would be hugely damaging for Rangers as well as the Scottish national team.

And Warburton has urged UEFA to act decisively to ensure proposals by the most powerful members of the European Club Association, who have threatened to break away and form a super league, amount to nothing.”

Urged UEFA to act!

I am sure that the big-hitters in UEFA will have paused for panicked thought yesterday when their staff dragged them out of meetings and family events to attend a crisis summit to consider The Urging Of Warbo.

The Clumpany wonders if anyone involved in the production of this piece actually stopped to ponder whether they were about to make themselves look very silly indeed.  


To be fair, the actual points made by Warbo aren’t bonkers:

“’If that is the process that has been started I think it’s a very dangerous one. I can understand from a commercial perspective that certain huge clubs have been out of the Champions League for the last couple of years and smaller clubs have been in the Champions League for the last couple of years. They will say they are not maximising an opportunity.

But it’s a competition. If you’re a small-time club and you have a fantastic year and you recruit well and you train well and you qualify then I think you should get the rewards. The moment you take that away you devalue any competition. It’s a Champions League so the champions of the respective countries should be in it.

It’s not just about Rangers, it’s about the whole ethos, the whole idea of it. The fact is if that you look at the Premier League there are some massive clubs that don’t qualify. Teams that come fifth and sixth don’t qualify. This year it could be Manchester United and Chelsea.’

Warburton believes it will stunt the development of the best players at Rangers and Scotland if threats by the most influential ECA members to break away and form a European super league comprising the leading clubs from France, England, Germany, Italy and Spain come to fruition.

‘It is a vitally important matter. The idea is to win the highest league and then get promoted to compete against the best. Best against best is the only way to challenge your players, to see what they are about and develop them.'”

I must admit that I chuckled heartily at the manager of the creditor-stiffing, rule-breaking ‘same club’ talking about the importance of competition. But my abiding memory of the piece will be the spectacle of Warbo’s second-tier views being presented as some kind of ‘epic contribution’ to a pan-European debate.

No one in Europe is listening to you Mark! Ibrox clubs surrendered any influence in Europe when the first one drove itself off a cliff – together with its co-efficient – in 2012. Discussing the dimensions of Alloa’s pitch is your new club’s level of European influence at the moment. And to be honest, that’s not going very well is it?



Warbo would be as well offering his views on the logistics of the first manned mission to Pluto rather than pontificating about the future format of the Champions League. I am sure his out-of-this world thinking would have no problem in securing credibility-bestowing coverage from the Daily Backbone and other ‘news’ outlets.


And perhaps singing too…


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