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Internal Squabbles

Good Morning.

Down Sevconia Way they seem to like playing out their squabbles in public. 

It could be a result of having delusions of grandeur. It could be because they view themselves as akin to a political party on some sort of ideological crusade. Or it could be because they think they are the government of a small country, and so must spin every bowel movement to ensure that no turd goes unpolished.

Then again, it could simply be that they like the sound of their own voices (something which I know all about! 😉).

But whatever the case, the latest manoevrings to bring about some sort of merger between fans’groups are inevitably being played out in public.

Yesterday the Evening Shark-Jump brought us news that

Ibrox legend Richard Gough is bidding to become a director of fan group Rangers First

That will be the same Richard Gough who once correctly stated that Rangers were dead, I assume?

As you might expect, Chris Jack opens the piece by referring to Gough as a “Nine in a row legend” as if that’s something to be proud of given that the ‘achievement’ was partly built on other people’s money and help set Rangers on the road to ruin.

Gough is standing for election to the board of fan ownership group ‘Rangers* First’, a development which is clearly worthy of newspaper coverage! Chris Jack says that Gough ‘leads’ the list of candidates, which I assume is just a piece of empty rhetoric rather than active promotion of Dave King’s associate. 

And as for Gough’s beautifully-crafted statement on the matter (who knew that the former Rangers captain had such a flair for PR?!), well it had this to say:

“Rangers First is dedicated to our Club and its interests. It connects our Club with its support and gives members a voice in how it is run.

I am a member of Rangers First, the Rangers Supporters Trust and an ambassador for our Club. I am honoured to be able to play a part in all three.

Teamwork was vital to the success I enjoyed at Rangers. I am a team player and will always seek what is best for our Club.

I believe in the Rangers Support proposal but it is not me who will decide. My role as a director of Rangers First would be to give our members that chance.

If elected, I shall work to help establish a new organisation which can bring all groups together on the same democratic principles: One member one vote, annual elections to the Board, members vote on all key issues.

By putting members at the heart of the new group and that group at the heart of our Club, we can ensure the events of the last few years are never repeated.

Our crowd supported me on the playing field. They protected our Club in its darkest days. I have faith they will always stand up for the values and desire for success that make Rangers Football Club special.”

I laughed out loud at Gough’s profound observation that “Teamwork was vital to the success I enjoyed at Rangers”. Who knew that footballers played together in a team?!

But what about the vast quanity of unsustainable spending, Richard?Didn’t that play a part too?

Gough also says he will “work to help establish a new organisation which can bring all groups together on the same”. Which is nice. But I have a feeling that all might not be  well with the effecting of the merger.

Because this morning Gary Ralston – fresh from standing alongside Dave King in the face of an attack from thousands of Zulus – wrote this piece:

Rangers legend Richard Gough insists Ibrox club could have the strongest fan group in British football if everyone pulls together

Apparently Gough is “desperate for both supporters groups to join together to help the club move forward.”


And he has “vowed to help unite Rangers fans into the strongest supporters group in British football”.

Vowed! Because it is clearly important for Sevco fans to have some sort of ‘badge of superiority’ over everyone else. Even if everyone else couldn’t care less.

The piece continues:

“The Ibrox legend has revealed he is standing for election to the board of Rangers First in a bid to create of a single body of supporter activism.

Members of the club’s two most powerful fan groups, Rangers First and the Rangers Trust, have each voted by more than 97 per cent to join forces under one umbrella.

They boast a combined membership of around 20,000, but there are fears behind the scenes that several influential members of Rangers First are reluctant to make the move their members have demanded.”

Did you spot it? The very public dig at some unnamed members of Rangers* First who apparently aren’t jumping for joy at the pro-merger party line?

Shame on them!

You have to wonder why Gough and the Sevco hierarchy etc don’t lobby behind the scenes rather than see a national newspaper hint at folk potentially being ‘difficult’.

But quiet dignity doesn’t always seem to be the Sevconian way. 

The article reminded me of a recent Record piece from a ‘Guest Blogger’ the day after ‘Rangers* First’ were reported as offering Sevco a loan which would be matched by Dave King. 

You may recall that Sevco publicly rebuffed the loan, and the  miraculously-timed ‘Guest Blogger’piece expressed   substantial doubts about the way Rangers First was being run…

Rangers First and the Dave King £500k row: Fans group is rudderless and their message muddled

It made me wonder whether there are some in Sevconia who are only in favour of  ‘common purpose’ so long as they get to define its terms.

Perhaps the papers will consider all sides of the Sevco fan groups merger argument in the coming days?

Don’t hold your breath…  


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