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Holidays In The Sun


“Claustrophobia, there’s too much paranoia…”

Good Evening. 

Greetings from the sun-kissed beach at the far end of the extensive grounds behind Clumpany Towers. The eight-hour flight here was rather pleasant, even if the complimentary drinks left a lot to be desired. And believe me, I desired a lot after recent exertions!

Tales of The Clumpany’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. In a ‘completely made-up’ sort of way…

However, if you seek Clumping entertainment in the absence of this particular ethereal entity, I am inclined to suggest that simply you open the sports pages of a Scottish newspaper. The comedy usually flows pretty quickly from there. 

But be warned, you might want to don a tin hat, as a growing number of self-appointed ‘Click Police’ seem to consider the consumption and mocking of the worst Sevcoholic tendencies of the Scottish sports media as some sort of massive betrayal. The online equivalent of airdropping vast amounts of cash on to the headquarters of the Daily Record and the Backbone/Shark-Jump Group. Which they then use for wicked purposes against ordinary fans of other clubs. 

There is of course a valid point lurking behind the unnecessarily judgemental behaviour. Clicking on a news website may indeed help to generate revenue for its owner. But it also allows you to engage with the content, enjoy the good parts and guffaw at the p*ss-poor bits.

Like it or not, the mainstream media in Scotland – as elsewhere – remains a powerful and influential  (if diminishing) force. In my opinion, anyone wanting to understand how our society works would do well to become closely acquainted with – and where necessary challenge – the mainstream media. 

And if you don’t believe me, you only have to look at the recent Spiers/Haggerty incident with the Daily and Sunday Backbone. If that didn’t set your alarm bells ringing about the nature of our mainstream media and the sort of country we live in then I suggest you get an engineer out to repair the alarm as soon as possible.

If remaining ‘on guard’ and engaging in public debate means providing online news outlets with some revenue-raising traffic, then it is a price well worth paying as far as I am concerned.

Read online news or don’t. That’s your choice. But don’t berate those who choose to go digging into the relentless output of the mainstream media, and then share the strange mixture of comedy, desperation and occasional genius that they find therein.

The citizens of a liberal society stifle discussion and the sharing of information at their peril.

In fact, in some circumstances that sort of approach can lead to People wilfully missing all the warning signs that their football club is heading to its death.

And who in their right mind would want to be THAT foolish?

Must dash, there’s another cocktail heading my way. See you  around.



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