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A Big Money-Spinner

Good Evening.

Who could have predicted that it would be the SFA itself who finally ended the horrific spell of ‘Armageddon’ which has blighted Scottish football ever since they failed to get Sevco parachuted into one of the upper divisions in 2012?

But that is exactly what they have done.

The SFA have hit the jackpot. Not only have they secured the game some long-awaited global attention, but they are set for a substantial cash windfall into the bargain!

Frankly, no one could possibly be surprised by the SFA making a balls-up of something. But to literally make a balls-up during the draw for their own flagship competition, live on TV… well that’s something truly remarkable.

Conspiracy theorists will argue that the re-draw was all part of a sinister and long-running Fenian plot, with the Celtic-loving SFA not wanting to put the Hoops to the trouble of an away tie at Dundee United. Better to draw the fixtures again and give them an ‘easier’ game rather than risk The Displeasure Of Peter Lawwell. 

I’m talking crap aren’t I?!


The truth of the matter is that karma bestowed a VERY public mishap on the SFA. And we all enjoyed it immensely. I wonder if anyone there has the self-awareness to wonder why?

Still, it wasn’t all bad news for the Hampden chaps. This embarrassment could generate a lot of income. I understand that SFA officials are on the phone right now to every country in the world, enquiring about the going rate for videos shown on their equivalent of “You’ve Been Framed”.

Unfortunately the first few calls didn’t go too well. First of all the phone that only dials Ibrox was inadvertently used, and the person who answered was adamant that they weren’t in the market for anything costing as much as £250. 

A speculative call to the Horror Channel ended abruptly when they asked the SFA if there were any zombies in the clip. The SFA looked at the list of teams in the draw and concluded that it really wasn’t worth the hassle… 

And another channel said they weren’t interested in the clip, but asked if the SFA had any courtroom dramas planned which could be broadcast instead. That call ended pretty quickly too.

Oh dear…

Best of luck with the sales pitch lads!

Meanwhile, I understand that Stewart Regan is personally chairing a working group to ensure that there will be no repeat of today’s mishap. The SFA has a reputation to maintain, and cone Hell or high water, it is going to be maintained. 

So keep an eye out for the draw for the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup, which will pit Floella Benjamin against the cast of Fraggle Rock for the right to lose to either Sevco or Sevco in the final.

I love Scottish football!



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