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A Request To Her Majesty’s Government

Good Evening.

The Clumpany has been passed a copy of a draft letter from a Sevco Fans’ Group to Prime Minister David Cameron:

“Dear Prime Minister.

We are writing to you about a matter of the gravest importance. You maintain that you are concerned with trying to create a fairer society, and that as part of this you wish to ensure more equal treatment for all.

But unfortunately our attention has been drawn to something which is so utterly unfair that it is a blight on the nation, and represents a clear and present danger to any hope your government has of being respected at home, abroad or in the Louden Tavern.

We appreciate that you are a busy man, what with following both Aston Villa and West Ham etc, so we will come straight to the point.

It has come to our attention that the Insolvency Act 1986 is discriminatory. In fact it is a Hater in legislative form. 

Our concern arose after following the case of MASH v The Scottish Football Association at the Court of Session today (and incidentally, we would like to completely disassociate ourselves from the #obsessed coverage from James Doleman that we were reading all day).  The legal representative of the SFA (an organisation which has never previously lifted a finger to help our club) became involved in the following exchange:


Frankly Mr Cameron, it isn’t good enough. We simply cannot believe that you have let 500 million UK citizens down by allowing Rangers Football Club’s undoubted survival of liquidation to be called into question by the so-called ‘law of the land’ saying otherwise.

It is an absolute disgrace which leads us to question whether you have an agenda against the Queen’s XI.

We demand that the law is retrospectively amended to include a specific ‘Immortal Rangers’ clause. If you are not prepared to do this we will take the matter up with Her Majesty The Queen, Dave King, and the administrators of Follow Follow. In that order.

In these times of tight public finances the nation is dependent upon the goodwill of its people. Especially The People. And more so than ever.

You would be well advised at this time to reflect upon how the Blue Pound keeps the United Kingdom afloat.

No seriously.

Yours humbly,

One of the Sevco Fans’ Groups* 

[* NB There are so many groups that even we don’t know quite which one we are]”

Should I see a reply from David Cameron to this extraordinary letter, I will make it available to fellow Clumpaneers at the earliest available opportunity.