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Please Don’t Read This

Good Afternoon.

If you have got this far, you have clearly ignored my instructions and are wilfully engaging in inflammatory action. You have brought any resulting consequences upon yourself.

Because a section of Sevco fans (or ‘Rangers’ fans as they prefer to be known as a mark of respect to their late former club) really really don’t like non-Sevconians reading, talking or thinking about either of ‘their’ ‘clubs’. And this short piece strays right into that territory!

Some like to gloat about the superiority they posses for following one club which stiffed 276 creditors and died a truly ignominious death, and another which has been labouring its way up the divisions while often surviving on loans. They invite attention by boasting and mocking others, but woe betide any non-Sevconians who show any uninvited interest. 

You know the sort of thing: laughing at poor results, questioning the actual war-chestiness of Dave King, highlighting offensive singing at Ibrox, and calling out those who want to see journalists silenced and/or made unemployed simply because they don’t p*ss themselves with delight about all things Sevco.

Such unwanted attention gets them very upset indeed and can lead to a hostile reaction. At the very least they mock your interest in their apparently superior ‘club’ and suggest you focus your attention on your own ‘club’.

As we all know, telling folk not to show an interest in something or face the consequences is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing that they will do absolutely nothing of the sort. In fact, they are likely to look that little bit harder for the source of the angry person’s apparent insecurity. They may also want to take a stand against the hostile behaviour. And they are pretty certain to laugh at the bizarre spectacle of people who think they are superior in some way, and who crave attention, but who cannot actually bear to be subjected to any scrutiny whatsoever.

Maybe one day they will ‘think it through’ and not allow themselves to be so troubled by folk having an opinion on football and related matters in a liberal western democracy?

I will now check my diary to work out when that day might be. Fortunately, it’s a diary which covers several millennia! 😉