Critical Thinking

Good Morning.

The Clumpany greatly enjoys the benefits of a vibrant media. At its best it can inform, educate, entertain, make you laugh or despair, confront you, and make you think more critically about the world. And it is in respect of that latter point that I would like to thank the venerable Herald newspaper.

Because when I saw today’s front page (pictured above), I immediately found myself asking why the Herald ran those items in the way that it had on this particular day. Was it simply because they were cracking stories which benefited from the input of good journalists allowed to go about their business and deliver something of genuine quality to their readers?

Or was the content somehow skewed by “severe” pressure which the powers-that-be felt it best to bow before?

I must admit that after reading Graham Spiers’ statement last night, I was inclined to view the Herald’s output through the prism of extreme scepticism. [Much more so than usual!].

If pressure from an ethereal entity results in a newspaper issuing the kind of apology published by the Herald yesterday, which a respected journalist then feels compelled to explain in an extraordinary ad hoc personal statement, you have to wonder what on earth is going on. And whether pressure from other quarters is having an adverse impact upon the paper’s output. 

You could almost lose faith in that paper.

Meanwhile, The Clumpany wonders how many journalists woke up this morning and pondered whether they might somehow end up on the naughty step by criticising something – anything – related to Sevco. If they did, you couldn’t blame them for deciding that it really wasn’t worth the potential hassle.

Which would be a terrible thing for journalism, the national sport, and Scottish society. 

I would say “football only a game so let’s not bother about any of this”. But for those who seem to revel in displaying outright hostility towards journalists who ask awkward questions of Sevco, it clearly IS about so much more than a simple game. With unfortunate consequences.

Which is why a stand ought to be taken. By those in the media and authority, as well as by you and me.

Who’s up for it?



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