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“The Daily Record said WHAT?”
Good Evening.

Steve Evans is perhaps best described as an ‘interesting character’.

He’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

But he had The Clumpany choking on a cup of tea* this morning when news broke that the War Chest-Wielding Warbmeister had been well and truly gazumped by the Leeds United manager, who had managed to sign Brentford’s Toumani Diagouraga.

[* for the avoidance of doubt, I wasn’t actually drinking tea]

It appears that Steve Evans employed the downright dirty trick of offering up a genuinely tempting bid for the player. Which consisted of actual cash.

And in a cruel stroke of luck for ex-Brentford manager and former City Trader Warbo, the lad’s head was turned, and he signed for the never-liquidated former European Cup finalists.

To be fair, Steve Evans didn’t get over-excited about his victory over the World’s Greatest Manager…

But some of the rest of us did. Because you could have been forgiven for thinking  that Diagouraga was pretty certain to roll up at Sevco any  day now:



Oh dear. Perhaps the “guts of a million quid” can now be spent on Sevco’s pursuit of St Johnstone’s Michael O’Halloran? Just long as Saints don’t also try and pull a fast one and hold Sevco ‘to ransom’ by demanding a reasonable transfer fee…

But when might they make another bid? As The Scotsman and a number of others reported, Warbo fancies putting his feet up towards the end of the January window “with a nice glass of red wine in hand”.
Or does he?

The Clumpany is confused! [Admittedly a permanent state of affairs.]

Do Sevco want to build for the Premiership with a number of quality signings? Or does Warbo want to keep a ‘lean’ squad and not disrespect his players by bringing in too many new signings? 

Are Sevco close to signing new players for meaningful amounts of money? Or are the stories all going to end up looking like PR spin?

Is The Warbmeister prepared to sign players at the end of the transfer window? Or will he prefer to drink himself into a wine-fuelled stupor as a yellow-tied Jim White presides over another enthralling edition of The Jim White Show on Sky Sports News?

So many questions. So few answers. 
Personally, I have an image of Dave King going round to Respectful Towers on Deadline Day to insist that Warbo blows the entire war chest on high-profile last-minute signings.  I can just picture King chasing Warbo around the house trying to force him to take and spend the cash. 

With the Benny Hill Show theme tune playing in the background…

But whatever transpires, at least Sevco fans can rest assured that their esteemed board have a clear plan and will do ‘whatever it takes’ to deliver it…




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