Scottish Football, Sevco

Judith Chalming

Good Evening.

Amid the MSM’s liquidation-ignoring frenzy which was highlighted in The Clumpany’s previous post, there was another point worthy of interest.

In gushing about his extended contact, the Judith Chalmers of Scottish football, Andy ‘Sevconian Holiday’ Halliday, managed to offer some truly endearing observations about Sevco’s place in the world.

And quelle surprise it was an excessively upbeat perspective! 

As the Scottish Daily Mail reported:

“He [Halliday] knows his fellows fans will only accept the league flag — the Premiership league flag — flying over Ibrox as compensation for trekking all over the country on the climb through the divisions.

‘I know certain Rangers fans that I’m friends with who try to look at the positives. They’d never seen Rangers play at Annan. They’d never seen Rangers play in Berwick and places like that. So they wanted to tick them off their list. But let’s be honest, they’ll be getting bored with this after four or five years of it. We just want to get back where we belong — and that first Premiership title we win is going to be all the sweeter.'”

“Back where we belong”.

Has the ‘same club’ suddenly rejoined an apparently ‘rightful place’ amongst the ranks of those who pay their bills and obey the rules?!

Clumpaneers really could be forgiven for mistaking Halliday’s comments for an arrogant view of Scottish football, which portrays Sevco’s ‘journey’ as being akin to a pesky box-ticking exercise. Marking off each lower-league ground as the World’s Most Successfully Pretend Resurrected ‘Club’ is forced to demean itself by playing there. 

I am sure that Sevco’s fellow lower-league sides (many of whom have taken points off them, and indeed prevented their automatic promotion last season) will be delighted by talk about the boredom of playing them! 

What a wonderful view to take of the Fitba world!

Of course, if there was any self-awareness in Sevconia, they might recognise that their boredom with the lower leagues is nothing compared to everyone else’s boredom with their apparent hubris and sense of entitlement. 

But sadly, in the magical land of Sevconia, self-awareness is rather like money: in very short supply.