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‘Basket Case’ Journalism


Plenty of room in here for the dismembered assets of Rangers Football Club
Good Evening.

This blog was typed during Saturday lunchtime, and posted to WordPress using the Ibrox Wi-Fi ‘substitute’ at the conclusion of the Sevco-Livi game. I hope you have managed to read it some time before the end of the 21st Century.


Can deliver emails, text messages, and £5m to Sports Direct
It’s been a while since the Clumpany produced a ‘traditional Clumping piece’ about the MSM wilfully(?) misrepresenting the liquidation and death of Rangers, and possibly not caring whether anyone feels as though they are being taken for a mug.

You remember Rangers’ death don’t you? 

It left lots of creditors out of pocket, and was on the front pages of all the newspapers. It had senior football administrators in a panic and looking for a mechanism – even if they had to invent one – to put a Rangers*-flavoured entity ‘back’ into senior football. 

Over 7 billion people lived through those events. Including you.

Of course, since then all kinds of spurious ‘arguments’ have been invented to pretend that what we all saw didn’t actually happen. And in some cases, folk haven’t even bothered to invent an ‘argument’. They have simply asserted that the Sevco Frankenstein is actually Rangers, and then left it at that. They refer to the good bits of the “same club’s” history, and are happy never to speak of the implications of the bad bits ever again.

And those people include some working in the mainstream media.

Unfortunately for those people however, a large well-educated and media-savvy proportion of the population are members of the Pish Spotters’ Club, and are attuned to the range of spin, distraction, deflection, misrepresention and squirrels which sometimes fill parts of the mainstream media.

If it’s pish, we can tell it’s pish. And we aren’t afraid to say so. We always hand back a handed-down narrative and politely ask its author to treat us like adults. Our scepticism applies to news across sport, politics and other current affairs. But especially across all matters ‘Sevco’. Because we are clearly obsessed and have no lives… 😉

Or perhaps because we want our wonderful national game to be an actual sport, rather than a pantomime…

I can imagine that this resistance to an imposed truth is very irritating indeed to those in authority and in the media who can’t quite get us to think the way that they might like us to.

Which is absolutely brilliant! 

But I digress… 

The insolvency law-defying ‘same club’ nonsense repeatedly rears its head in the Scottish sports media, and every single time a large and well-informed audience simply points out that the ‘argument’ is utter horsesh*t.

And it is a joy to behold!

As you all know, there is a tendency on social media to ‘shoot the non-Rangers-believing messenger’. Because we are all clearly nutters. Aren’t we?

Err, no we are not.

Let me be clear. Just because the likes of the Clumpany repeat the ‘new club’ point over and over again doesn’t make it any less valid. If esteemed media commentators keep putting a bucket of pish in front of us, we are going to keep pointing out that it’s a bucket of pish.

And because we are observant and willing to offer practical advice out of the goodness of our hearts, we will also point out that the bucket has 1872 holes in it…

On which note… The Evening Shark-Jump and Scottish Daily Mail (always paragons of cutting-edge insight) published two hilarious articles on Saturday, which utterly misrepresented the truth of Rangers’ entirely self-inflicted demise.

The piece in the Evening Shark-Jump, which was all about Andy Halliday extending his holiday in Sevconia until 2020, and hoping to win a league title and experience European football contained this belter: 

“The side that can clinch Rangers’ 55th top flight title will have a unique place in the club’s illustrious history and the hearts of the supporters who await the ultimate high after some significant lows.”

55th title! Stated while (presumably) keeping a straight face, and set alongside a mention of the “club’s illustrious history” that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a statement on the Sevco website.

And a mention of some “significant lows”! Now there’s a phrase which represents a world-class level of ‘underplaying’ the facts of Rangers’ rule-breaking and death!

Staunchly truth-minded individuals in the Clumposphere quickly raised a significant number of  concerns about the piece on Twitter. In fact, the last time I checked, the concerns numbered 54 and counting. Which was strangely pleasing!

Sadly, the author of the piece decided not to defend his assertions, but instead highlighted some of the folk on his timeline, and suggested it was going to be “a long day”. Which was thoroughly endearing and presumably exciting for a Sevconian audience!

As for Saturday’s second leaky bucket of pish… well, the Scottish Daily Mail ran a similar piece about Halliday’s Sevconian Holiday [NB I have copyright on that potential film and book title!], but had these wibbletastic things to say:

“Rangers were relegated from the Scottish Premiership in 2012”

“The Ibrox club went down to the Third Division after administration”.

Oh dear! 

I suppose you have to admire the author’s ability to be so spectacularly wrong in so few words! But this is a classic example of the sort of ‘misrepresentation’ that I spoke about above. For whatever reason, the equally pithy “were liquidated, and a new club started life in the Third Divison using Rangers’ name and assets” is apparently verboten at the Scottish Daily Mail…

And that does you, me and (ultimately) Sevco fans a disservice. It doesn’t really help the traditional media either.

It does you and me a disservice because we are ‘wasting’ our time reading nonsense when we could be reading something interesting and then valuing the newspaper which presents the information. In an alternative reality, I am sure that newspapers (and their online presence) would try to attract a wider audience – and thereby increased advertising revenue – by reflecting a plurality of views… [Crazy talk, eh?]

The media approach discussed in this blog ultimately does Sevco fans a disservice too, because it ultimately encourages a belief that their ‘same club’ was somehow done down by outsiders. When the truth about Rangers’ demise can be found much closer to home. 

This false belief seems to have the effect of fostering an unwarranted sense of grievance, which adds toxicity to Sevco fans’ view of other clubs and fans, and towards those journalists who do speak the truth (and who thereby get hounded).

It’s ultimately counterproductive. At pretty much every level.

So why bother? A short-term focus on placating the Wielders of the Blue Pound? Who get the Battle Fever On and ride into conflict astride a unicorn? Yes, I can see why that might be a winning long-term strategy…

Then again, maybe Scotland’s newspaper editors know best and are confident that the likes of me are going to end up looking stupid.  Maybe they know that  FIFA and UEFA will one day declare that not only did Rangers survive death but that creditors are for wimps. And maybe then, the Basket of Assets pretending to be Rangers really will win ‘its’ 55th title…



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