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Paying a (Dave) King’s Ransom

Good Evening.

The Daily Record’s back page certainly grabbed The Clumpany’s attention today. 

“Swoop”, “Vowed”“Rip Off”, “Booted Out”, and “Hardball” all appeared in the orgy of hyperbole prompted by Sevco’s entertaining attempts to sign Michael O’Halloran from St Johnstone, which were mentioned in yesterday’s blog. 

But the Clumpany’s favourite part was the suggestion that The Warbmeister and Sevco might be indignant about not getting their man, and are determined not to be held to ransom!

You have to laugh at the notion of any club being so foolish as to think that they might manage to extract a ‘ransom-sized’ chunk of cash for a player from the King regime. A regime which has consistently left us underwhelmed by its level of ‘over-investment’ since it seized the steering wheel of the stuttering ‘Journeymobile’ last March.

But in Sevconia, the notion of an opposition club seeking adequate recompense for a player with 18 months left on his contract seems to have caused some consternation.

“He [Warbo] won’t concede defeat in the pursuit… but he insisted he would not be afraid to walk away from any deal if he felt Gers were getting ripped off.”

Wow! That’s incredible fortitude from The Warbmeister! I wonder if he has special ‘walking away from a deal’ shoes that he puts on before..errr… walking away? Maybe he used to wear them in the City when he was doing City Trader things and found himself having to walk away from an unacceptable City Tradery-flavoured deal?

But there’s more. And it is truly profound:

“Warburton remained tight-lipped on his targets but said: ‘If it doesn’t represent value on and off the pitch then why enter in to it?’

‘It’s like buying a house, if you’re not comfortable with the figure you are going to pay then don’t pay it, there are other houses on the market so go and find one you are comfortable with.'”

Wow! Advice on buying property too! Every day’s a school day when listening to Warbo!

“But right now if it doesn’t represent value or the player doesn’t want to be here, then we won’t pursue it. We know what the market is and what we have to pay for a player.

We might say X but someone else might say Y, we base it on what we think is the value and how it will benefit the club.”

So, in short Mr Warburton says he will only bid what he thinks the player is worth. That’s fair enough in principle. But it has to be based in some sort of reality. And by ‘reality’ I mean ‘not a p*ss-take’. The amounts bid for O’Halloran might represent value for a cash-strapped, young, second-tier ‘club’, but if Warbs REALLY thinks they are realistic, then he appears to have left his judgement behind when he left the City…

Still, perhaps things could change? Maybe money will ultimately become no object for Warbo when buying players? After all, as the judge in today’s 802 v RIFC court case noted, Sevco have people with “deep pockets” looking out for them.

Then again, nothing was actually said about the length of their arms…


Mr Tickle is not a Director or shareholder of RIFC


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