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Elephant Gun at Stair Park

Good Afternoon.

Delighted to see Carlton Cole getting on the scoresheet in the first half. And what sorcery is this that has Celtic playing two up front?!

Despite Police Scotland searching numerous buses, it seems that some Celtic fans managed to smuggle an elephant gun into Stair Park today. And have proceeded to shoot the Club in the foot. Again.

Celtic Football Club has made its position on the use of pyrotechnics at its games crystal clear.

Celtic Football Club has been repeatedly fined by UEFA over fans using pyro at games under its jurisdiction.

Pyro can look spectacular but it is also a health and safety hazard.

And there is also the small matter of it being “illegal to attempt to enter or be within the relevant area of a designated sports ground in possession of a flare or a smoke bomb during the designated period of a match” in the UK.

Large sections of the Celtic support (including me, and with some justification) complain about the club getting a ‘raw deal’ from parts of the MSM. 

They also know that any misdemeanours at matches will be highlighted by the media. Quickly. [Although not usually as quickly as this piece by the Evening Shark-Jump which went live shortly after kick-off!].

And they know that they will get annoyed when they read, see and hear that coverage.

So, all in all, you would have to be stupid, selfish (or both) to bring pyro into a televised Scottish Cup game and thereby greatly detract from what is an exciting fixture. A chance to enjoy a venue and watch a side that Celtic very rarely encounter.

This is getting very tedious indeed, and I note from my Twitter timeline that many others feel the same.

I am not interested in the ‘whataboutery’ of the songs that were recently sung at Ibrox, and how the media laughably barely covered it. That is a separate issue which I have discussed elsewhere at length. For example:

Blood-Stained Christmas Presents

The fact of the matter is that a Scottish Cup tie at Stranraer does not need pyro to enhance the experience. And following Celtic anywhere at any time does not need pyro to make it worthwhile.

Given that parts of the Scottish mainstream media don’t need much of an excuse to highlight ‘wrongdoing’ in connection with Celtic, why oh why would anyone choose to wave bright green smoking pyro in front of them to make their jobs easier?

I fully expect to get pelters for saying this, but so be it.

Hopefully wiser heads in the support can have a word with the pyro fanatics and this farce will come to a long-overdue end. Because bad publicity and ever-bigger sanctions will befall the club if they don’t.

It seems to be a no-brainer to me.