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The Secret of Alchemy

Good Evening.

It won’t have escaped your attention that The Clumpany has occasionally been a bit sceptical about The Warbmeister’s alleged magical powers.

But no more.

Because the man clearly has a Midas Touch. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the plant in his office (which I assume is a cactus – in keeping with his apparently prickly nature) actually has money growing from it. 

The definitive evidence of these magical powers – which surely negate the need to crowbar open Dave King’s staunchly-sealed war chest – came a few hours ago.  With the remarkable news that Sevco have apparently lined up the services of a £3.5m player!

And not only that, this player is the Bargain of the Century!

All hail the remarkable powers of Saint Warbo of City Traderville!

Actually, I should probably stop myself right there and level with you. Because the above is not what I actually think. In truth, it is simply the ‘takeaway’ that we are probably meant to seize from the somewhat pedestrian tidings that Sevco have signed pre-contract agreements with Josh Windass and Matt Crooks of Accrington Stanley.

Accrington Stanley ironically being a club that is prepared to admit to being a reformed entity…

However, I digress… 

I will leave others to ponder how Sevco’s recent signings square with Dave King’s previous rhetoric about ‘over-investment’ and ‘doing whatever it takes’ to win the Championship and then challenge in the Premiership next season. But it is worth noting one of the details that has emerged about the signings.

Yes, it has been divulged to the Press Association that Mr Windass’ deal with Bargain Basement FC has a £3.5m release clause. 

Have you got that? Sevco are mixing it with the Big Boys by signing a player worth £3.5m!


That’s some serious transfer activity isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

We should probably ignore the fact that the only cash likely to be paid for the players is a development fee totalling circa £60,000. And we should also forget about the prior stories that the two might sign and play for Sevco during this transfer window in a £400,000 “double swoop”.  


But whatever the case, the £3.5m figure will doubtless be perfect fodder for parts of the MSM and the more unquestioning elements of the Sevco fan base over the coming days.

I confess to being a rather cynical ethereal entity, and I am inclined to stand by my previous observation that Sevco sometimes seems to have the PR operation of a political party. The influencing of the news cycle seems to be disproportionately important for a mere football ‘club’. Even if it is the ‘World’s Most Successful’ tribute act… 

Nevertheless, it remains hilarious to watch. Because ultimately, spin can only ever take you so far. One day, you actually need to have the substance to back it up.

And when I say “substance”, I actually mean “cash”…



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