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Courting Popularity

 Good Afternoon.

The Clumpany won’t be commenting on the substance of the live Rangers/ Sevco proceedings in Edinburgh today, but has been amused by some of the online Sevconian reaction to @JamesDoleman’s typically informative coverage.

Quite simply, had James not been in court this morning, we wouldn’t have known about the various indictments, and would have been left to gape in wonder at the the kind of material published by the Evening Shark-Jump, which basically said “Whyte and Green are back in court”. 


But the possibility of actually learning something about matters relating to one or other of the ‘clubs’/ holding companies/ engine room subsidiaries which they have supported at various points seems not to appeal to some in Sevconia.

I don’t know whether it is because these fellows only like to get a certain sort of (upbeat) news from a certain sort of (staunch) person, but it is very strange indeed.

Apparently James is a Celtic fan. Perhaps this upsets some folk. But it really ought not to be a problem to any rationally-minded person. Surely the key consideration is that he is an experienced (and enjoyable to read) court reporter, whose Ibrox-related output is but a fraction of all the work he has done? But it isn’t for me to defend him [and, for the benefit of the paranoid-of-mind I don’t know Mr Doleman!].

Others have taken great exception to James undertaking a very successful crowd-funding exercise to help support his coverage of the various court cases surrounding the Ibrox clubs. Often mocking him and sometimes using the devastatingly-witty term “Bheggar”, which must have taken a committee of top Sevconian writers weeks to dream up!

I have also seen (on Twitter) the following Sevconian perspective on his crowdfunding:

“No issue with you tweeting. What we cannot understand tho is supporters of other clubs paying you to do it!”

“Absolutely, no doubt about that James [That not all crowd funders were Celtic fans] The point is why fans of other clubs would pay for it!”

Oh dear. The fact that we live in a liberal capitalist consumer society seems to have escaped this person’s attention!

It will come as quite a surprise when they discover that people can [*swoon*] offer a service and that [*gasp*] other folk are prepared to pay for it! Even if [*shock*] it’s about something not personally close to them (like their own football club).

It wouldn’t surprise me if this discovery leads to complaints being made to someone, somewhere. Perhaps there will be a statement issued by someone, somewhere, headed


But it will all be in vain. Because I suspect that having identified an interesting story and an audience for it, Mr Doleman isn’t going anywhere. And the likes of me have already gladly donated our money towards his efforts, and would consider doing so again.

So come on Sevconians! Show your appreciation! Hopefully at the end of the court cases James and his crowdfunders can have an open-top bus parade past Ibrox in order to take your acclaim.

Go on, you know you want to…



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